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hey, let's buzz the statue of liberty, just for kicks!

How fucking stupid can you be?


Even someone is Australia recognized the stupidity of that move -

Newark LIBERTY International Airport?


Stupid politicians.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg blasted the FAA for allowing the flight, "You would think the FAA would have the decency to inform the Mayor of New York of their intentions to allow overflights of the city. God knows the mental state of New Yorkers is very sensitive at present."

Mayor Bloomberg, who witnessed the the event while meeting with officials from the embattled Transit Authority added, "I was enraged. How dare they!"

When asked if the overflight had rattled him and evoked emotions similar to those he experienced on the morning of 9-11 the mayor responded, "What? No, no, no. If I had known about that overflight in advance I could have charged each of those soldiers an overflight fee."