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more movie madness

I found this page dedicated to the ABC 4:30 movie.

They even have some of the ads!

It's all coming back to me now. Japanese Monster week starring Mothra. Planet of the Apes week. Journey to the Center of the Earth. And The Blob. And Killer Bees!

I would give up my digital cable for a whole week for just a few showings of Terror of Mechagodzilla or Food of the Gods. Sitting on my mom's red, white and blue sofa while she cooked some strange 70's one-pot meal, watching the same thing in the kitchen that I was watching in the living room. Empire of the Ants. The Dunwich Horror.

Yes, I'm done. Or do you want to hear about Channel 9's Fright Night? House of Seven Corpses, anyone?

What a warped childhood I had. My parents were great.


For me it was Channel 48's "Creature Double Feature" on Saturday afternoons back in Philly. Usually a Godzilla movie followed by either a Hammer flick or a Harryhausen movie.

Thanks for posting this. I remember sitting doing homework infront of the TV, my mother splitting time between the living room and the kitchen and WABC rerunning "Rich Man Poor Man" over a two week period. It was great.


When I was a kid in L.A., the 3:30 movie on Channel 7 was an afternoon staple, followed by Kung Fu Theatre and Elvira's Movie Macabre on Channel 9 each weekend.

we had creature double feature too. i remember this one movie about some deranged sister in a house. she was like chained to the bed or walls. my grandmother let me watch it...lol my parents were pretty cool about creature feature but always gave me the same warning, "if you have nightmares and wake up, you better not wake the whole house up"...lmao

Nothing creeped me out more than the six fingered hand that came out of the swamp to eat the words CHILLER on The Home Box Office Saturday Night Movie (yes thats HBO, but back in the late 70's I think)

HA! I remember that too! You are the best!

oh WOW! 'the pit and the pendulum' was one of the first real scary movies i ever remember seeing. and my very first vincent price experience :)
it was a dark and scary slumber party, with scads of screaming little girl....

Yeah, I grew up with Movie Macabre in LA too. Elvira and Breather and movies like Pigs. Not quite the same category of flick, but equally nostalgic.

I miss the fact that all those rubber monster suits were funner than scary. With all the computer effects and gore, today's monster/horror films are actually disturbing, but back in the day, there was nothing funnier or cornier than a monster flick.

We had Nightmare theater on Friday nights. A good friend of mine and I used to take turn at each other's places to watch it. His house had paneled walls in the front room and they hung pictures with those sticky things so as not to pt hoses in the walls. One night, the movie had just gotten to the part where the monster is going to grab the girl and the picture behind the couch fell off the wall right behind us. That was definately a time to clean out our drawers;-) We both just about went through the ceiling.

We had "Dr. Cadaverino" and his headless sidekick Igor in the 60's and "Shock Theater" starring Tooloose No-Neck in the 70's. Different cty, same schlocky horror movies.

Those were the days!

"Food of the Gods"...ah, yes, pure cheese...Marjoe Gortner in his finest hour..."where in the hell did you get them goddamned chickens?!"

I still miss Dark Shadows. When I was nine, there was nothing in the world I wanted more than to get into Angelique's panties (not that I really knew what that meant then). After years of intense therapy, I've finally found the strength to move on to new obsessions....

and monster week always ended with "Destroy All Monsters"

And--am I the only one who noticed how rarely they did 'Battle for the Planet of the Apes" on Ape week?

Anyone remember CHILLER THEATER. It had the hand coming up out of the ground with 6 fingers. That one always scared the crap out of me!

Jack, there's a reason for that. The first Planet of the Apes was longer than the others and had to be shown in two parts, over two days. So they never got around to showing Battle.

I loved the ABC 4:30 movie. It was right after Dark Shadows. They used to show Some Like it Hot over two days. And nothing beat monster week. After the movie, you could go over to WPIX and tune in Star Trek. Come to think of it, it's amazing I did as well in school as I did, given all the TV I watched after school

Ah, WPIX and WOR (Ch. 11 and 9, respectively).

Also, on Sunday mornings at 11:30, they always showed an Abbott & Costello movie. Over the course of 15 years, I probably saw EVERY A&C movie at least 10 times, to the point of knowing most of their routines by heart. Limburger cheese, Who's on First, Susquehanna Hat Company.

The best 4:30 movies were the Japanese monster movies and Planet of the Apes, but they'd also sometimes do Bob Hope and Bing Crosby (IIRC) and some of the old "On the Road to..."movies. It was usually some kind of theme.

The problem with Chiller theater was that too often, they had horror, rather than sci-fi---it's one thing to see giant spiders or ants, it's something else to have crawling, disembodied hands or stuff like that, esp. to an 8 year old.....

If my friend and i got our homework done really fast we were allowed to watch the 4:30 movie. Favorites were the Natalie Wood movies - two seven year old girls sitting on a shag rug eating cheese doodles, weeping over steamy romances like ‘This Property Is Condemned’ (Robert Redford dumped Natalie and she got pnumonia) and ‘Splendor in the Grass' (Warren Beatty dumped her and she had a breakdown). Hot stuff.

My "Chlller" was out of LA TV longer ago than I'll directly admit. The lo-tech opening was:

Deep Voiceover- "It's eight-thirty PM....time for...CHILLER!"
Then, the word Chiller would arise from nowhere and the letters would drip down, suggesting blood or something horrible--like paint on a pane of glass.

The biggie Vincent Price then was "The Beast With Five Fingers." A cut-off hand that played classical piano, scrambled around the mansion eluding pursuit, and eventually strangled Peter Lorre.

Horrible then, wonderful to recall.

ABC's 4:30 Movie! Who could forget that opening with the guy working the camera and that song! I still have it on VHS! The X from Outer Space, Yongary and Dogora! How about Channel 9's Day after Thanksgiving Moxster week! The Best! 3 Godzilla's in row! The other indie networks actually caught on and ran monster movies opposite Abc's 4:30 movie, so you had to make your choice...I would buy the new TV guide a week in advance and scour the movie listings for monster movies. I still have the uncut Terror Of Mechagodzilla from the 4:30 movie on VHS with the oroginal opening!

Hey Pinto, great intro to that Terror of Mechagodzilla, it's very rare I have it too it's great! Oh man those 70's memories of the 4:30 movie....you knew they were chopped a bit because the news started at 6 oclock...and do I really miss the Thanksgiving days of King Kong on Thanksgiving and Godzilla films on the Friday after (although they usually always played the same 4 G films every year!). The Chiller hand....damn that scared the living hell out of me as a kid (which of course made me wanna watch it every time). And maybe the best was looking through the TV Guide and finding whatever obscure horror flick was on a 2-3 in the morning, trying to stay awake in the dark, knowing it's gonna scare ya to death, trying to get mom to letcha stay up to watch if it was on a non-school night...haha one 2am film that scared me to pieces was The Screaming Skull...but so many cool films are never shown anymore....it's very sad. Video and DVD (especially DVD) are great but that youthful anticipation of looking forward to and watching a cool horror or sci-fi flick will never be duplicated.

Does anyone know where I can get an mpeg or other video file of the original chiller theater swamp intro? I would LOVE to get my hands on that! It would bring back SO many great memories. Talk about nostalgia! I was about 10 years old & we used to all gather at one of our homes, and watch Chiller and Saturday Night Live, and if we were still awake, Haunted Hollywood on Ch. 7 in NYC. Great old times.

does anybody please have the chillerhand mpeg, a decent viewable one. something i can put on a dvd. also i really need the 4:30 cammra man intro the long version one....i remember they did a shorter version to get right down to the main feature film right away... plus i need a mpeg of the commercial The Haunted House on long branch....please can someone send me these? i work in a DVD store and ill give anyone who does this 3free DVDs of their choice...any DVD.

Where I grew up, we had THRILLER THEATRE at midnight on Friday, SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE at 4:30 on Sunday and MYSTERY THEATRE on Monday at 10:30 which showed CHARLIE CHAN, SHERLOCK HOLMES, MR WONG, MR MOTO & BOSTON BLACKIE. Then the CBS station in town started showing horror movies at 10:30 Friday & repeated it at 1 PM Saturday afternoon. Great memories.

I loved CHILLER THEATER, Creature Features, The 4:30 movie. I loved all those B Sci-Fi flicks.
Does anyone remeber the one with those aliens with the sunglasses because they had some crazy eyes that would kill you if you looked into them.

I was even on Wonderama once. Memories

Does anyone remember the ABC late night monster/horror movie theme of the late 60's and early 70's? It played between commercial breaks and it had a eerie sound, something like haunted march? I've search the internet by every key word I could find but nothing. I found the ABC Movie of the Week theme (with the shooting star/mirror effect) and others but not this one?

Reading all these posts...ahh memories. My favorite was "Chiller Theater" with that scary hand. And Six Bells... Jack McCarthy on WPIX!

Good posts... wow, brings back memories... does anyone remember (late 80s/early 90s) a sci-fi/horror show on Saturday or Sunday afternoons... on WPIX I believe. It starred a scientist and his monster friend... I think one of their names was Morgus (or something like that... levels of intelligence: mor???). Anyway, the scientist would show 2 or 3 sci-fi/horror movies (he was basically the host throughout the 4-5 hours). Anyone recall this???

It's such a pleasure to read all of these posts. Sometimes I feel like my brother and I are the only people who remember, or ever knew of, this stuff. Chiller Theater! Creature Features! We watched those shows religiously on Saturday nights and afternoons.
Does Anyone remember two old, creepy movies: "Horror Hotel" and "Carnival of Souls?" They both always scared the crap out of me as a kid. If you've never seen them, they're both worth a look.

The horror show that was most memorable for me was ABC's Shock Theater which debuted in 1956. That was the first time the old Universal horror flics were shown on TV. All The Chaney, Karloff, and Lugosi titles were shown. The theme music, Night on Bald Mountain, was very scary. Eventually, Zacherle became the host of the show until it faded away.