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blogging psa [where have all the blogs gone?]

For those wondering where sites like Instapundit and Dean Esmay have gone today, Kathy K. has the scoop:

Where'd they go?For those of you who are wondering where some of the blogs on Hosting Matters have gone (or where your own blog has gone), here's the info:

May 28 2003 - 1052 Eastern US time - Current indications are that NAC has been evacuated due to fire. This is unconfirmed and based on the report of someone who did speak to someone on the phone before the NOC was evacuated. We will of course keep updating as more information becomes available.

Read the rest....

If you are on a Hosting Matters site and can't get to your blog, that's why. I guess I'm not on that server because I can see me just fine.

Glenn is blogging here meanwhile.


Is there a Blogging Patch for those of us who will go through withdrawal?

Has anybody heard from the Vodkapundit? He's been AWOL for far too long.

Whew. I can finally see you again.

I'm just now able to see this one again. I couldn't reach it for most of the day. Maybe they're getting things back online?