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Catching up on some stuff I missed over the weekend before I boreregale you with more wedding pictures.

Alan, my Command-Post partner had brand new digs, and a very disturbing picture for a caption contest.

I did not put a hex on Roger Clemens. Even if I did, which I didn't, I would be taking the hex (which I did not put on him) off, because the Yankees need wins more than I need to destroy Clemens (though I did not hex him).

If I could hex something, it would be the Roadmap to Peace, which is nothing more than a sham. I was going to write in depth about this, but you should just go read Meryl instead.

On subject with that, I was helping Natalie study for her history finals on Friday, testing her on world leaders. She gave me a list with the countries she needs to know the rulers of. France. Germany. Great Britian. Canada. Israel. Palestine. Palestine? What I started to tell her was that there is no such country as Palestine. Laurence said I should tell her to give the answer as Ariel Sharon.

Speaking of Meryl, I also wanted to write - again - why Dave Sims is a racist, ignorant, blowhard asshat. But she took care of that, too.

I need to thank Carol, my Trooptrax partner as well as Friday night drunken music blogging partner, for sending me the Rammstein DVD. We have rocked out many times to it already.

Thank you also to a wonderful reader who sent some Operation Enduring Freedom t-shirts.

Keith, formerly of GI Party and the brave soul who took over Trooptrax, has set up his own blog.

Jack's away, and I'm going to play. He invited a few of us over to hang out at his blog while he is on vacation.

I haven't answered email since Wednesday. Getting to it, I promise.

So, do you really want to see pictures from the wedding?


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Laurence said I should tell her to give the answer as Ariel Sharon.

Heh. Excellent.

The Palestinian situation is really a combination of two problems. You have a centuries-old blood feud that zealots on both sides desperately want to keep going, and you have a Palestinian economy that's based mostly on terrorism. Israel and the Arab states are both to blame for not doing more to sow the seeds of capitalism for the Palestinians.

The only way to stop the suicide bombings is to find a way for the Palestinians develop a real economy, so they can acquire stuff that they care about and don't want to lose.

The nuts on either side will never be happy until all Israelis or all Palestinians are dead. Apart from the horrific nature of that goal, it's a practical impossibility. Even if every person now living in the Palestinian Territories and/or in Israel were to be wiped out by some sort of WMD, replacements who are currently living elsewhere would simply continue the feud indefinitely.

The zealots will never be happy, but their power over the rest of the people can be severely limited if the majority on both sides ever realize that it's insane to think they can somehow "win" this conflict, and take a stand against those who are only interested in perpetuating the fight.

All the U.S. can really do is attempt to provide some support that makes it slightly easier for the two sides to reach that point, which is more or less what Bush seems to be doing now (though he didn't help matters by initially attempting to stay out of the conflict entirely).

After re-reading my One Palestine book, I'd like to change my answer to "General Allenby."

Hey! You are so welcome! Thanks for the great blog and the great party.

Hee hee - the Sharon joke was pretty funny.

Michele.More to come.