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die puny boobies!

The post you are looking for cannot be displayed.

Sorry, you missed it. The boobs were a one-time thing only, barring any future drunken blogging.

Meanwhile here's some other boobies for you.


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I see nothing here to find fault with! Thanks, Michele.

As the man says, "You can't compare tits". I've never understood guys who disparaged small breasts, or large breasts, or whatever; to me, they're ALL beautiful.

(Well, almost all. If a woman weighs less than 100 pounds or more than 300, chances are I won't be interested in ANY part of her anatomy. Such is life.)

My only question, Michele, is why you don't insist on equal time. Or aren't you interested in wet tighty-whitey contests for the male bloggers?


bless you for using cold water.

Are you sure those aren't Rush Limbaugh's?

I'm not sure how to say this politely, but I'll try:

Hey, Michele, nice breasts. Umm, thanks.

Not bad for an old broad...

How we know those really are your breasts and not those of a body double?

Now that's a way to attract readers!

I officially want to start a campaign of more whining for nudity.

People, this works, and we are reaping the sweet rewards.

So, what you're saying, Notorious, is that I should proudly display my boobs on my site?

Heheh. Not necessarily the best idea.

I think I'd do better raising money by threatening to show my tits unless people donated.

In the Internet, nobody can hear you scream "BOOBIES!"

What would Puce say about this?

"fuckfuck bobs Amricunt no!"

Better than Natalie Portman.

P.S. Tag!

I can guarantee you're never gonna hear any complaints from me on that score, Michele...

That pic will be on all the alt.erotica.amateurs.bloggerboobs-dot-whatever newsgroups long before midnight.

I'm not saying I'll post 'em. Just, you know, this IS the Internet.

These things happen.

Nice rack.

Hey, nice logo!

good god, someone could poke an eye out with those bad boys.

Excellent, beautiful

Damn...missed it....gotta hope for google caching now...

"Sorry, you missed it. The boobs were a one-time thing only, barring any future drunken blogging."

Bummer. There went my chance to finally use a newly created blog category, "Non-Leftist Boobs."