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someone doesn't know how to read a roadmap

The road map was doomed before it started. How can a map lead you anywhere when all the marked roads are piled high with bodies of innocent people?

Let's spot the flawed logic here. Israel guns for the leader of a terrorist organization that targets innocent civilians and Israel is reprimanded.

The terrorist organization guns for innocents and it's called retaliation.

Now, when Israel goes into Gaza and starts bulldozing the homes of Hamas leaders and members, they will be called murderers.

Hopes for the peace process faltered Tuesday after an Israel helicopter strike aimed at Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi, a move which drew criticism from the United States and the Palestinian Authority, and prompted threats of revenge from the militant Islamic group.

No, not really. Hopes for the peace process are faltering because Hamas has no hope for peace. Bargaining with an organization that prides itself on suicide bombings is never going to get you too far on the road map.

So Bush yells at Israel and the Palestinian Authority yells at Israel and here's yet another 16 innocent people killed and we'll just get the usual "Peace good. Suicide bombing bad," speech from world leaders denouncing the attack.

The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. I'm cheering on Israel as they make every attempt to decimate the leadership of Hamas.

How many more bombings like this do we have to see before a light bulb goes on over someone's head and they say "Gee, I don't think Hamas really wants peace. Gee, I think maybe the Palestinians won't be happy until Israel no longer exists."

I reminded Natalie again last night as she studied for her history exam.

Q. Who is the leader of Palestine?
A. Ariel Sharon.


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Just a dumb question, or two. How is Hamas any different than Al Queda and/or Hussein? and..why should Israel's response not be the same as the US's and be supported by a coalition including the US?

That's my question, too.

If Hamas were doing to the US what they're currently doing to Israel, we wouldn't be nearly as 'careful' as the Israelis. Remember what happened when we thought we had a lock on Hussein's location? We put a crater where the restaurant was, and tough shit for anyone who happened to be in the building. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but I don't think Bush gets to criticize Sharon for how Sharon attempts to wipe out the murderous fuckers who lead Hamas.

The sooner Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Fatah are destroyed, the sooner real peace in the region will have a chance. They're not going to just go away.

The level of moral obtuseness from the mainstream media is unbelievable. The other day, the WashPost referred to a Palestinian attack that killed 5 Israelis as a "military" operation. Something can't be a military operation, of course, unless it is authorized by a government. So is the Post saying that they have evidence that this attack was authorized by the PA?--in which case the "roadmap" is nonsense. And if it wasn't authorized by the PA, it wasn't a "military" operation.

They can't have it both ways.

I've been doing my small part. For the past three days I've been correcting the Associated Press on the air. They still refer to Hamas as a militant political organization.

I call them terrorists.

Does anyone have an opinion on WHY the press is white washing Hamas?

ABC news has a "FAQ" on Hamas that says:
'Its policy of no short-term agreements with Israel until there is a complete withdrawal from the Palestinian territories won many supporters after Oslo"

Uhm the Shiek (and Hama's charter) are very clear that they will fight their violent Jihad until there is no more Israel. There's no "complete withdrawal from the Palestinian territories" to it, the actual phrase is "Isalm will obliterate Israel"

So do you think the press is whitewashing Hamas in on it's own to try to steer policy or do you think the administration is instructing the press to whitewash Hama?

Hopes for peace are doomed because there are two groups who both believe they own the same patch of dirt.

Ken you are an idiot. Civilized humans can compromise ownership AND the civilized people involved ARE willing to compromise.

Hopes for peace are ACTUALLY doomed only because one side won't stop fighting until everyone on the other side is dead, and no one can compromise on whether his family is breathing or not.

See you in the funny papers.

Well, Ken, that may be true... but ONE group believes in sending disguised, diseased people into OTHER group, where peace-loving people get violently killed by the self-detonating, spiritually-diseased piece of loathesome stuff created in the spiritual cess-pool of the ONE group.

Its no problem to think you own a piece of dirt that others think THEY own... the problem comes up when YOU decide to shoot and lie and bomb and obfuscate and calumniate and bring in hundreds of thousands of friends who often think like you, and when you continue to publicly declare that THEY have no right to live peacefully where they live, then march in exploding people amongst them.

See the problem, Troll-boy?

Well, Joshua Scholar, you think I am a fool by stating a cold hard fact. (I am not quite sure which group you were referring to specifically in your second paragraph - maybe both sides?) Note that I wasn't trying to excuse actions of either side, nor try to condemn either side. Plenty of people are already willing to take those actions.

Same to you, Eye Opener - "trolling" is not making statements that may happen to disagree with your personal views. In fact, making wild emotive statements to try to support your argument is pretty much like trolling to me.

Just as Hamas is at the extreme end of the Palestinians, there are Jewish settler extremists that refuse any thought of giving up "their promised land". Now, they generally don't get into blowing up civilians - not yet, at least.

But the sad fact remains. There are two groups - the Israelies, who believe the actions in carving out modern day Israel from Palestine in 1948 was the first step in their regaining their land that they lost in the diaspora in the first century. There are also the Palestinians, who want their lands back that were taken from them in 1948 and subsequent events.

Both groups have valid points. Both have people willing to compromise. Both have people unwilling to compromise. While ever there are people unwilling to compromise, you cannot get lasting peace.

Unless the solution is to wipe out one set of people who won't compromise?

I believe that Israel was willing to compromise, when they signed the Oslo Accord. The Palestinians signed the same accord, but didn't follow their part of the agreement. How is it unfair that Israel fulfills its obligations, but Palestine does not?

Ken... Yep there are settlers who are extreem, but they aren't the government of Israel. Arafat on the other hand IS THE GOVERNMENT of the Palestinians. And while he's willing to lie to confuse westerners, if you follow his actions and his speaches in Arabic its clear that his goal is just as genocidal and unwavering as Hamas. The only difference is that Hamas wants to set up a Taliban style totalitarian regime and Arafat is happy to be a secular despot, at least during his lifetime.