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my laugh of the day

If any of you read Command Post often enough to be familiar with the regular commenters, you will find this hysterically funny.

Even if you don't know the people involved, you'll laugh because it can apply to just about any political weblog with comments.


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That was too great. Reads like the real thing. The only improvement would be a Puce comment in there.

Nah, it didn't ring true for me. Not enough misspellings.

My god michele...that is just tooooooo damn funny...i'll tell ya betwenn ptg and don....god i can't even type right now....roflmao

Having followed the whole Helium vs Hydrogen string the last couple of days, I found Johnnymozart's skit to be a true masterpiece. I laughed from the time I realized what he was doing until some time after I'd finished reading it.
Great stuff!

I hardly ever come here, but Bush sucks and he lied to us. And by the way, don't bother even responding, because I won't be here for 6 days, at which time I will write again and say the same thing.