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more grant money being wasted

Oh boy, another incredible study!

Carrying a heavy load of textbooks in a poorly fitting backpack can teach a child lessons in bad posture, one study says..

The posture study found that kids counter the weight of knowledge by looking like they are staggering under it -- walking with their bodies bent forward and heads down.

You think?

In other research news, stabbing yourself repeatedly with a knife will result in blood loss and pain.


What scares me is that someone, somewhere out there actually paid money to fund these research projects...

...And these researchers actually spent time on these ridiculous projects.
(Damned. I pressed post before I finished...Sorry!)

Ummm... that's not the half of it. Who'll lay odds that the result of this is a call to 'free our youth of the oppression of textbooks' (i.e. - they're much too heavy for you to carry. We'll just use classroom handouts instead).

Yes, eventually 'bookless' learning via computers will be the norm, but there's something to be said for being able to use a 'real' (and yes, sometimes heavy) book....

Ravenwolf: You're right. Someone out there did pay money to fund that research project -- unfortunately that "someone" is probably you, me, and everyone else who pays taxes.

please someone pay me to do a fruitless meaningless "study"...please...I am always available

The worst part of all this nonsense is that these studies (when they are somewhat well done) are based on statistical significance and correlation. Which is fine, but doesn't even SPEAK to causation. For instance, the study that all the pro-lifers like to point to where women who had abortions are statistically more likely to contract breast cancer.

Yeah, so ? For that to have any meaning whatsoever, someone with half a brain has to explain WHY that could be. If there is no scientific, logical result of an abortion that would logically, scientifically be known to cause breast cancer, then that study and any results thereof are entirely USELESS.

Similarly, you can do a study like this - for instance birth defects in gulf war veterans children - and completely ignore statistical significance. This was also done recently. Based on 33000 gulf war vets children and 12500 non-gulf war vets children, the rate of 3 specific birth defects were found with about a 4.5% higher rate of incident in gulf war vets children. Which you might initially think, GASP!!! Oh no!!! But read on... The numbers we are talking about are no more than 10 incidents in 33000 children, as compared to 9.7 normalized from the 12500 non gulf war vets. And the test for statistical significance would entirely discount any conclusion you might make from this study, especially since NO OTHER facts were known about the subjects of the test, not geography, not other employment history, not family history.

THIS is what government grant money is paying for.

"In other research news, stabbing yourself repeatedly with a knife will result in blood loss and pain."

Are you sure Michele? Doesn't it matter whether the knife was stainless steel or titanium?

Heh, Good one.

What about the prop knives they have for plays? Are those safe?

Uhhh..Sherad,,,I'm an econ geek...but gee whiz..unless people here remember their college Stat class, they won't know what the heck that rant was about.lol Oh btw, that corr/caus example very well might have vallity. Let me give another example that better describe the difference bt corr and caus... In L.A. in the month of June, the sale of icecream increase. Also, In L.A. in the month of June, the murder rate increase. Therefore, Since both ice cream sales and the murder rate both increase IN the month of June, In L.A. (corrollation), I conclude that ice cream causes people to murder (causeation). Henceforce, we must BAN ALL ICE CREAM!!! paid for with a grant for the collaltion of lattose impaired

"In other research news, stabbing yourself repeatedly with a knife will result in blood loss and pain."

No kidding. I hate it when that happens.

If the researchers use themselves as test subjects, I'm all for my tax dollars going toward the "Sharpened metallic object insertion tactile sensation & bodily fluid loss" study

Mike, I do believe you are onto something there, my friend. Is there any truth to the rumor that OJ had been to 31 Flavors that night!?!?!?

The increase in crime rate in the US is directly proportional to the increasing popularity of specialty Ice Creams like Ben and Jerry's.

Oh, it's all becoming so much clearer now!!!!!