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Natalie and DJ gave Justin talking Hulk hands for Father's Day. Everyone fought over them.

[click for biggie size/mouseover for description]

Stepfathers need Father's Day loving, too!


what do the hands say? i know, me pain in butt but what do they say?? :)



The house with the white siding next door looks almost exactly like the east side of our old house in the San Fernando Valley, built about 90 years ago. Whoever built our house must have come from Lawn Guyland.

Got those too. Great fun. Tonight my son and I are watching the original Pilot of the Hulk with David Bixbie on DVD. Pretty lame stuff, and very 70's TV, but hey, it's father/son bonding.

uh oh...somebody is gonna be jealous!

They roar, too. SMASH! "ROAR" SMASH! "HULK SMASH!"

They're fun. I really should get them.

i know you know the difference between fathers and dads, so i won't gripe too much.


raaaawr hulk smash!

We played with those in Tajhet the other day. I want some, too!

Stepfathers certainly deserve to have lots of loving!


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