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yankee hat, red sox hat, asshat

Perhaps the Baseball Hall of Fame should listen to the Voice of America. That is, if the Voice of America was represented by a bunch of poll-taking, monkey-loving bloggers and blog readers.

Results of the Great Roger Clemens Hat Debate poll:

[click for green monster-sized image]

So the consensus is: No Yankee hat, no Red Sox hat, just Roger as the asshat that he is.


well, on a good note, it's the Hall of Fame that decides which hat Roger will wear, but seriously, his intentions and words do not belittle the fact he is one helluva pitcher - one of teh best all time, no matter what hat he's wearing

*the commentor is a seamhead and complete baseball freak who has sat through far too many years of mediocrity in Pittsburgh; hell, at least we have PNC Park, which is right behind Yankee Stadium, Fenway and Wrigley as my all time fav ballparks I have been in...