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the angels and butterflies make everything ok!

Oh. My. God.

I don't know what else to say about Remembering Laci, a musical tribute to Laci Peterson.

Bad enough that the poor woman came to such a tragic end, but to live on in the guise of a treacly, gag reflex-inducing song lends little credence to the idea that there is, indeed, a meaning to life.

I don't mean to be disrespectful to the dead, but....just go listen to it. You'll see what I mean.

(I'm trying to get the lyrics down, but the forced repeated listening is killing me).

[Thanks, I think, to Randi for the link]


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nope. sorry. couldn't listen to it at all. got through the first 5-7 words and that was enough. if this gets played on the radio, i may kill people.

Kat, no! That will just mean MORE of these songs being written!

That guy's voice is so much worse than Bob Dylan or Neil Young he should only be allowed to do Rap... And I hate rap.

Ooooh, this is bad,

"And little Connor picked them,
'Mama, these for you!'"

As if being brutally slain wasn't bad enough. I wonder what our chances are of getting this song covered under the gag order. Worth looking into.


My ears. That poor girl.

sigh... people.... i'm at a loss for words.... is he for real? ugh...

Kind of sounds like a Muppet song to me.

I'm officially Laci-ed out. No more please. Please, no more. Can we have another war or something?

Fox News seems especially egregious in this regard. I guess some suit decided to ride her corpse in a fair and balanced manner. . . to ratings!

OMG There's 3 songs there..check the dropdown box.

Or don't..yeah don't.

Holy shit. I'm still trying to figure out how this came to be anything more than a local story.

Wow, this guy must REALLY hate Laci Peterson... my ears have locked themselves in their room and are refusing to speak to anyone. That belongs on Something Awful.

Fuck. What is it with this Laci Peterson? Sure, it was a tragedy she was killed the way she was. Now, I am not wanting to make light of it - but why is the media having a feeding frenzy - after 6 months - for this one murder.

How many people are killed in the USA every day? Any after 6 freaking months are they still going on about it? Isn't there anything more important to report?

Holy snapping duckshit Batman! Some people need to get out more often.

"but why is the media having a feeding frenzy - after 6 months - for this one murder"

This is the summer of Laci Peterson and SARS. Every summer "Big News"tm picks two things: one to scare and one to shock. Last year's scare was abducted children; the year before it was shark attacks. Can't remember the summer shocker last year, but do a lexus/nexus and you'll find it.

That song is an assault on humanity. Horrible.

"That guy's voice is so much worse than Bob Dylan or Neil Young ..."

"So much worse"? The guy who wrote that Laci song could only ASPIRE to be so much worse than either of the geniuses there mentioned.

I am really irritated about how much the media is covering this story also. "How many people are killed in the USA every day? " Seriously. That's not to undermine the value of her life or the tragedy of her death, but really now. I am not grasping why this continues to be a nationally ogled event.

That was hilarious!

Oh My God! I know im bad....But how dare you put me even in the same sentence as that guy?