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four color hell

Seeing as that I finally have a weekend with no plans (except for dinner with Faith and Lambchop on Saturday night), I am going to get started on that comics blog that I've been talking about. Jason came up with a great name - Four Color Hell - and I'm going to put it as a subdomain on Retrovertigo.net, because it sort of fits, don't you think?

Basically, I am thinking it will be a free-form sort of blog, where you can post anything at all to do with comics; reviews, essays, rants, raves, discussions, etc.

I've already got a few people willing to be contributors, but I'll take as many as want to join. There will be no standards, no limit on posting or minimum posting guidelines and no real rules. Just lots of comic talk.

If you're interested in joining, let me know. I'll start creating the blog this weekend, using the great graphic Jason came up with and working from there. Any artistic types out there want to help design the blog, or anyone with good coding skills who wants to help set up the format, I'll be glad to turn the reigns over in those departments because I've been known to break the internet when I do things like that.

Four Color Hell beckons you, comic geeks.

UPDATE: If you're coming here from TCJ (and I thank you if you are), Four Color Hell is now up and running. It's sort of bare bones, but we'll get there. If you're interested in contributing, please email me.


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Sign me up!!!

Like the name!

Can't wait! Are we going to karaoke afterwards? g

Give me enough drinks and I won't even need the karaoke. I'll be singing on the table, with or without music.

You may have to drive me home.

i'd be interested in that

Sounds good - I'd love to contribute :)

I'll be happy to help out where I can in other areas than just posting too...

-- and the Comics Blogosphere grows again. Cool.