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more morford musings: it must be a cold day in hell

This Mark Morford column was....

wait for it...


I laughed until I almost peed my pants. Good thing I wasn't wearing any.

Hey, I'm not the only Morford basher who thought it was funny. Arthur says, and this is a direct quote, VERY GODDAMNED FUNNY!


Morford touched on the rich vien of stupidity that kept 20% of the country from taking the Republicans seriously ever.

There's the reason our foriegn policy MUST be wrong... People think, "if those idiots are for it, then it MUST be an idiotic idea."

Hahahaha! Actusally, though, I've never bashed Morford. I've only read two or three of his columns over the past several months, and I didn't have a lot to say about them; seems like pretty standard left-liberal stuff to me...and anywho, lots of people seemed to be taking up the task. In any case, a VERY GODDAMNED FUNNY column. There, I said it again. Heh heh. And I'm gay, so I know about this stuff, ya know? :))

Oh, and that reminds me: it's time for MORE CABANA BOYS! C'mon, I'm going into withdrawal here! Doncha wanna beat Sullivan's pledge week? Uh oh, didn't mean to open up that can of worms again...so a few MORE CABANA BOYS will shut me up. :))
Love ya.

So that's why I keep hearing that sound of Johnny Mathis coming from up north.

It wasn't that good, and I'm not just bashing Morford. I believe in the "blind squirrel finds a nut" theory, too. First, he's bashing the Religious Right, which immediately docks him, because they're a blatantly easy target. It's like gymnastics: do an easy routine, your max score can't be as high. Other than that, it was a lot of stock W., Rove, Cheney, DeLay, etc. jokes. Like a cliche machine.

That said, it was one of Morford's better columns, given that it was a somewhat coherent satire, as opposed to a tinfoil-hatlike ranting into the depths of asshatery.