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i dream of ann coulter. it is not pretty.

Ann Coulter. Where do I begin?

Let's begin by saying that people should realize that just because I swing to the right, and just because I support Bush's war on Iraq does not mean I am part and parcel of the whole conservative cabal.

Which is to say that I hate Ann Coulter.

I have never heard anything come out of her mouth that isn't sarcastic, mean-spirited or venom-filled. She's a shrill voice in the conservative wilderness. And it's funny how most of her venom is directed at Hillary Clinton these days. After all, Hillary is Ann's counter-image.

I go way back with Ann, my refusal to accept her as the Goddess of the Right goes way back. And no love was lost between us when I had this dream:

The waves are lapping closer to us. The bombs are falling nearer to us. I tell Natalie that this is it, there's no stopping it now. She is not afraid. She stands on a log, arms outstretched, face tilted towards the fire in the sky, and starts belting out Skid Row songs. She turns her face towards me, hair flying in the firey wind, eyes lit by the glowing trails of bombs, and right before my eyes she turns into Ann Coulter.

Which then led to visions of Ann Coulter singing 18 and Life or, in Ann's world Right Wing for Life:

Annie is a young girl, She has a heart of stone.
Thinks she’s an author, writes her fingers to the bone.
Seems like a know-it-all, comes from the Right side of town.

So John Hawkins, the interviewer premiere of the blogosphere, landed a talk with Ms. Coulter. I read it, read it again and shook my head at the fact that the woman cannot come up with a vaguely serious answer to anything. Her words all reek of "I know you are but what am I," and her playground, cat-fight attitude is wearing very, very thin.

Ok, so there was this one line:

Ann Coulter: Communism is like vegetarianism in that it's actually not very healthy for most people but leftists continue to defend it because it seems like the thing to do.

She might have been better off as a stand-up comedian.

Yea, yea, I know. She has thousands of fans and she's bitching up a storm all the way to the bank.

Kind of like Eminem, you know?


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The moonbats have James Carville, the wingnuts have Ann Coulter. They're like that stupid, drunken slob of an uncle that most families have but don't talk about much because it's pretty embarrassing.

I agree with you, Michele, and here's another pet peeve: why does she need to be on the cover of her books? Is the book about you or your purported subject, Ann? I doubt that she'd give us a straight answer to that question.

I will have to consider reading her little book to see what insanity she has to say about Joe McCarthy, but I find it unfathomable that anyone would seriously think to defend an era in the history of the US that is almost universally considered hideously dark. The Constitution of the US was torn to shreds by Joe McCarthy, I don't care what you think of Communism. Which, by the way, is a legitimate political party protected by the freedoms ensured by that very same Constitution.

Wow, what a moron.

I think that's an insult to Eminem. Otherwise, I agree with you 100%.

I like that little disclaimer at the bottom - way to go, Michele.

Coulter's face is on the cover of her book to help people recognize her from her TV appearances (I am sure I've seen other TV "personalities" do it), and because she is very good looking.

Oh, and that was a very scary dream, I must admit...

Very good looking? Ann Coulter? That's a joke, right?

I was all psyched to comment, but come on, I can't top what Dave said. I think she's a hatchet-faced shrew myself, but that's nothing--it's my boyfriend who's going to need heavy meds and years of therapy to get over his all-consuming hatred of her, and he's a lifelong registered Republican with a subscription to National Review and all that. So much for how good-looking she supposedly is. Well, she certainly demonstrates that stupidity knows no political boundaries.

A few years back, when she was just a columnist, she was mean-spirited but funny. Now -- she's still mean-spirited, but what happened to the funny?

And after reading the "interview", I find out that she's got a blog she's working on.

Oh, for joy.....

Yes, Ann Coulter is no better than the shrill, over-the-top commentators of the left who use misleading facts and omit information to "logically" back up their arguments.
Sherard, your the moron, for throwing out the baby with the bathwater. If this era was "hideously dark" it was so because of the growth of communism and the USSR development of nuclear weapons. A party that advocates the violent overthrow of the elected US government is not Constitutionally protected. There were REAL spies and REAL communists during this period that threatened the security of the US. Exactly what the McCarthy do that was unconstitutional? Maybe you can enlighten me as I'm not an expert in the history of this period.

I agree with Andrea, she used to be amusing. After September 11th, it looks like she snapped. Now she just plays “I’m More Strident than Thou.” And over at OTB, James Joyner has said she’s making things up. If true, she needs to check in to detox . . .

Ooh, catfight!

Maybe they'll kiss!

Michele is disturbed because a woman makes sarcastic comments.


I dunno.

Anyways, Sherard, perhaps you can enlighten us into how Senator McCarthy was shredding the Constitution.

You mean this Ann Coulter?

"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war."

(thanking Tapped On-Line for the original link. It's an offshoot of the American Prospect -- so you may have, ehm, missed it M.

I haven't read the book yet, but I think the whole "McCarthy was right" portion was done years before the Venona documents. It was well covered in a book called "McCarthy and his Enemies", by William F. Bucley, Jr. and L.Brent Bozell, II (father of the Accuracy in Media columnist). See here


Anyone wishing to know why people who consider themselves non-leftists are "better" than people who consider themselves leftists, only needs to look as far as posts like this with comments like these underneath.

What I'm saying is that it seems like non-liberals criticize their own far-right 'celebrities' MUCH more often than leftists criticize their own. (Who here is in love with O'Reilly? Limbaugh? Hannity? Coulter? Apparently damn near nobody.)

Apart from occasionally hearing a liberal mutter "Well yeah, Michael Moore should maybe not lie so much, maybe," it just seems like those on the left take it for granted that Chomsky and the like are all right-on, with little room for improvement.

I like Ann Coulter for the very simple reason that she has a big ol' pair of balls, and balls are something I think that modern conservatives need, badly. I also happen to think that she is wrong less often than someone like Michael Moore. And yes, that's not saying very much, I know. =)

Blaster, what the...why the...where the...never mind.

Yes, I think she is good looking - sue me. I am no fan of her personality or her views, but she does not seem to irritate me as much as she does all of you. But then it may be due to the fact that I've stopped watching news channels a while ago. I went from CNN to MSNBC, to FOX, to my computer. All those talking heads can talk all they want now - I am not listening.

ANN COULTER is the rightie counterpart of TED RALL.

RUSH LIMBAUGH is the rightie counterpart of MICHAEL MOORE

Anyone care to add to this list?

PAT BUCHANAN is the rightie counterpart of NOAM CHOMSKY?

Although that's a tough parallel to draw, since the two of them agree on so much these days. :)

BTW, I think Coulter's picture appears on her books not because she's attractive (she's pretty average, in my opinion) but because she's a recognizable TV personality. Putting her picture on the book means that a certain number of people who saw her and liked what she had to say (hypothetically possible, right?), but don't remember her name, will buy the books.

Regarding Coulter's post-9/11 comments -- didn't she lose friends in the attacks? I seem to recall reading that she did.

I agree completely. I get my licks in here and here....

Of course Ann Coulter has big balls - most people who spend all their time making idiotic statements do. Ann Coulter and Michael Moore and anyone else who thinks they have easy answers for all the world's problems never shy away from telling us how stupid we are for not thinking like them.

Absolute conviction that one is always right is a very reliable indicator that the opposite is much closer to being true.

Oops, didn't mean to send that last post anonymously...

Eh, I've never heard Moore state even one answer to one world problem. He just likes to point them out (the problems, that is.) Moore's problem is with America, Coulter's problem is with liberals. I can live with that.

I'm sure Ann Coulter thinks she's quite the dish otherwise why does she have a gallery of photogs on her web site. One is enough as a way of greeting, past that its vanity. As an aside once a woman reaches a certain age long, straight hair only reminds people of how much she has aged. I'm sure she doen't care for CNN but she would look better if she would adopt the CNN news-reader hair style.

Moore's problem is that he's a lying sack of shit.

I like her,of course I`m very conservative,but I dont have to agree with everything that comes out of the mouths of people who call themselves conservative.
I`ve noticed time and again that that`s what sets right and left apart.On issues (pick any) liberals tend to quote the party line,no matter if it`s rediculous or not, while conservatives tend to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

Alisa -

Elaine: "What is so appealing to men about a catfight?"

Jerry: "Because men think if women are grabbing and clawing at each other, there's a chance they might somehow kiss."

You know, you go through life thinking that you have that one common thread with everyone, that the circle of life is unboken and all that, and then someone goes and proves you wrong.

We have lost our bond, now that Seinfeld is off.

Watch the reruns, people!

Blaster, I was not talking (if one could call those sounds I made "talking") about the catfight...

<blockquotePAT BUCHANAN is the rightie counterpart of NOAM CHOMSKY?

Although that's a tough parallel to draw, since the two of them agree on so much these days. :)

yeah, well, its cause if you go too extreme in one direction, you end up coming around the other side and biting it on the ass. so in reality, all the extremists are the same.

'splains a lot, dont it?

Alisa, what, then?

If it's about McCarthy, I make my own case here

Same basic case Coulter makes. McCarthy was right, and that's what really makes the Left hate him.

"McCarthy was right"

Yeah, poor unfairly persecuted tail gunner Joe. Excuse me while I go cry a river for that pathetic sack of shit.

Coulter is a brain-dead shitsack. The Michael Moore for the right (and just as ugly IMHO)

At least Coulter backs up her assertions with a certain amount of research and facts. Moore just says, "This sucks," and expects his brain dead followers to blindly accept whatever he says as gospel. Which they do (the lemmings)...I think joatmoaf hit it, in that the thing libs like Moore hate the most is that non-libs think for themselves.

McCarthy's charges were valid. Some of them were based on intelligence data which would have harmed continuing operations if detailed. He proceeded to try to do good in an ugly and distructive manner, and solidified the mindset that anti-Communism trumps all else. That in turn led the U.S. into some fairly ugly foriegn policy decisions.

Coulter is way out there sometimes, but at least she has a brain.

Moore = No brain.

I have liberal views, but even I can't understand what the fuck James Carville says. lol

PAT BUCHANAN is the rightie counterpart of NOAM CHOMSKY

I've always put Pat Buchanan in league with Jesse Jackson. I'd be more likely to put Noam in with William F Buckley except Chomsky is not merely an intellectual liberal, but a lot more extreme.

As for Bill O'Reilly, he doesn't strike me as a purist like Limbaugh or Coulter, more independent, but still abrasive, which obviously many folks don't like.

PAT BUCHANAN is the rightie counterpart of NOAM CHOMSKY

I've always put Pat Buchanan in league with Jesse Jackson. I'd be more likely to put Noam in with William F Buckley except Chomsky is not merely an intellectual liberal, but a lot more extreme.

As for Bill O'Reilly, he doesn't strike me as a purist like Limbaugh or Coulter, more independent, but still abrasive, which obviously many folks don't like.

Coulter? Meh. The only political commentators (outside the blogosphere) I care to read or listen to are P.J. O'Rourke and Mark Steyn.

Speaking as a person who scored +6.75 on the left/right axis of the Political Compass, I happen to think Rush Limbaugh is a complete moron, and Michael Reagan is a selfish, bigoted prick.

Then again I also scored -3.33 on the libertarian/authoritarian axis.

The big problem with McCarthy was that he wasn't right. He waved around this big phony list, it was all made up. Remember how he finally got his ass tore up after he made a power move against Army brass. He wasn't in any sense a "patriotic anti-communist," instead he was a bullshit artist destroying people more or less at random for his own self-aggrandizement.

- yours wdk

Kiernan, read Ann's book - then post. At this point, you sound like you've gotten all your info from The View.

It never ceases to amaze me how shallow and tepid are the posts from people who obviously think they are profoundly insightful.

Liberal Democrats have, over the last 50 years, directly contributed to the destruction of their political opponents through nothing but lies and slander. They have VERIFIABLY re-written history and yet no one (least of all many of the blogs and posters) gives a serious damn. "She's a shrew"...

Let's see, indirectly the liberal Dems aided and abetted the murder of somewhere between 24 and 60 MILLION people - but "she's a craggy looking shrew" -

Joe McCarthy's crime was that he thought actual Communists should NOT be working in the Federal Government. Well duhh... but he's the Big Meanie - (let's see, wasn't it Stalin who actually arrested and put millions of his own people to death during this era? Funny no one ever castigates him!)

You've all been so brainwashed into the idiotic "let's not hurt anyone's feelings" - even you so-called 'card carrying' Republicans - you can't register an honest emotion.

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE - MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN - WERE BUTCHERED BECAUSE OF THE LIBERAL DEMS - and all you can do is carp about her hair or her face?

This is exactly the behaviour she exposes - esp. with respect to Joe McCarthy - and you continue to spew the same uneducated propaganda you were indoctrintated with in whatever NEA-managed institution passing for a school you attended.

Angry is she? Damn right she is. If you had any real sense or genuine love for humanity you would be too.

But she's 'hatchet-faced' -

Most of you should leave the internet until you have a serious thought or two.

This is in repsonse to the Moron right-wing emotional wingnut Mark V.

Ann Coulter is a cunt because she has found it makes her $money$ She is a mean spirited - ugly excuse for a human being, not someone who has had it with the "liberals" as Mark V would have us believe. On balance I do believe that Democrats offer the best hope - if only because a third party has no chance - it is a two party system like it or not. Who gives a shit if Clinton got a blowjob from an intern? None of my business, and none of Ken Starrs business. We can spend 80million trying to nail Clinton over sex, but try to investigate Bush and his band of merry looters - and no can't do that. Big difference in lying over a b.j. or over issues of war and peace where may innocents perish.

Democratic and Republican politicians are basically sluts for corperate America. True republicans are not represented by the neocons running the White House, these assholes had their origin in the far left of the democratic party. Bush is simply an idiot who has a napoleanic complex and has let powerhungry arrogant bastards like Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney convince him to attack a country that has not attacked first. The fact that Halliburton, Carlise-Group and other well connected blood-money immoral companies make a killing (figuratively and litterally) - does not seem to bother the GOP is scary as hell. There is no compassion in the GOP, only lies,lies and HYPOCRISY, and an amazing ability to support their idiot king NO MATTER WHAT. When Condi Rice, compares "liberating" Iraq with the civil rights movement and this outrageus and incredibly stupid comment is not critiqued by the right - that speaks volumes. There was several webs links (commondreams.org) that indicated that the so called "liberal" media outlets were far more willing to be critical of Clinton - than Fox and other right-wing media outlets will ever say anything negative about Shrub. Where is the WMD? NOT PROGRAMS but WEAPONS!! Where is the Al-queda connection? LIEs, LIEs. We took out an evil dictator you say? fuck you. Like most Americans would have supported the war for that purpose. The republican faithful need to wake up and quit supporting these dangerous extremist and the fucking corperations that value the dollar over human life. PNAC baby, that is what it is all about, quit lying to the American public, if the public is told the truth - this is about oil, control of the region, Israel protection racket, money, Empire, Pax-Americana, crusade and having been informed still want this kind of government then I refrain - the democracy has spoken. But while they are being systematically lied to, their liberties stripped, one day they will wake up and will will be living in a totalitarian state. Liberties once taken by the government are never given back - Patriot Act 1 was just the biggining, now Ashcroft has taken it upon himself to tell us what we can and cannot watch . Fuck you Mark V and others like you, I hope you find your ass unemployed so you can join those of us who have benefited from Bush's so called tax break. Environment destroyed, states bankrupt, Ken Lay free, millions unemployed and many more joining, jobs farmed out to China and India, social safety nets ripped apart, worker rights trampelled on, Osama bin Laden - bin hidin and Bush does not even talk about it. It is incredible that Bush is going to run - because he is America's best hope for fighting terror. give me a break. Osama is on the loose, Saddam who most definately was not giing money to terrorist is most certainly doing it now. Our leaders have failed us, they have made terrorism threat worse not better, they have made the USA a country to be loathed and feared. Arrogant prick(s). Too busy taken care of his contributors - Sorry for the rant, but I do love this country - and it is NOT unpatriotic to question our leaders especially when they have become America's worst nightmare.

- jason

"We took out an evil dictator you say? fuck you."

No, Jason. Fuck you, you cheap, common fool.

"Conspiracy! Corporate America! Bush's fault I don't have a job! Worst nightmare!" You're copying-and-pasting right out of the Delusional Asshole Playbook, you choad, and that bullshit is really only good for fertilizing the plants that you must smoke to get that desperately stupid.

Glad I could get a rise out of you Geoff.

You have no idea how common I am, or what my education level is.
I do take note on how you resort to the ugliest lowest common
denominator - typical of right-wing hypocrites. Just yell and scream
and shout down the opposition. There is no substance in your
diatride. You do not attack the issues, you just attack me - and completely
gloss over the fact that you have no direct response or evidence contradicting
anything I said. Again - slowly less I be accused of cut and paste:
The U.S. population at large would not have supported taking
out the Iraqi dictator - on the basis of his "evil"ness towards his own
people. So we were lied to. You deny we were lied to? There are plenty
of other bad rulers to remove, but do they have oil? Are they strategically
located? PNAC is real - do you support it? Bush and the republicans
support our troops by gutting their meager benefits - or you ok with that?
Or are you a greedy s.o.b that benefited from Bush's tax cut and that colors
your world view? To put it in terms that you can understand, society does
need bottom feeders, but to be able to keep the rich - rich, we also need
a large and thriving middle class - that is essentially what BushCo is
destroying. To make money - something must be sold. It is obvious
that there should be a healthy balance of haves and have nots.
The haves have simply become too greedy, and human life has taken
a back seat - you deny this? We are losing a soldier a day, black,
hispanic, poor whites. Is the loss acceptable to you? What dog do you
have in this fight? Again Geoff - where is the WMD (not programs), where is
the Al-Queda connection. Can you defend your position without
making O-Rielly proud?
- jason

i just think anne coulter wishes she was born with a penis. she definately has one for joe mcarthy.

did anyone see here on larry king? he made her look like the dope wingnut she is...


I agree almost wholeheartedly with Jason on almost every point he raised. And as he points out, conservatives like Mark V, rather than have a constructive debate on issues, always resort to ad hominem attacks. Ann Coulter has done her work well.

Mark V, I'm confused, how are liberal democrats responsible for the deaths of between 24 and 60 million people? Seriously....being a liberal democrat myself, if this is true I will properly hang my head in shame. Please posts the stats okay?

I did see her on Larry King. Even if she had been born with a dick - there is no excuse for her mean spiritness. Democrats are not blameless, but I doubt very much that 20-60 million people perished because of their actions. Vietnam under LBJ was largely a Democrat fiasco - but the number do not add up to that much. Certainly 50K+ American deaths are a unacceptable, we should have learned from our mistakes. There is no joy in gloating, but the Iraq adventure has become the quagmire that was predicted by many anti-war folks, NOW Bush is going to the very UN he and his arrogant crew denegrated. Sure, that will go over well. Gives the finger to the UN, goes to war based on lies and exagerations, and now asks for help for the mess he created. And by the way, we will command the UN contingency. As if. After being shit on who can blame these countries for being suspicious. Bush is lucky that they would help at all and cede control as clearly he screwed up. Why is he not firing Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and distancing himself from these dangerous extremist? And still Limbaugh and the bunch support him. Can Bush do no wrong?

Note: Geoff never had the cajones or non-common intellect to respond with facts. Just ugly name calling, what an asshole.

- jason

I honestly believe Ann Coulter is tranny. Her voice always seems mannish (Will Farrell's Janet Reno) and all she reports say she doesn't "have a man". She doesn't have a man because she's fucking nuts and she has a set. Crying Game Coulter!

I honestly believe Ann Coulter is a tranny. Her voice always seems mannish (Will Farrell's Janet Reno) and all the reports say she doesn't "have a man". She doesn't have a man because she's fucking nuts and she has a set. Crying Game Coulter!

This war is absolute bullshit.

First Bush tells us that it's about WMD's. Then as soon as the war begins he starts to shift focus toward "liberating" the Iraqis. And when it has appeared that the Iraqis don't welcome our "liberation" (i.e. our toppling of a regime to replace it with a more Israel-friendly one), the focus became fighting "terrorism," meaning the terrorism of the guerillas, i.e. the very same terrorism which was unthinkable in Hussein's Iraq.

And now it seems that our testicularly-challenged president (not worthy of a capital P) is such a spineless wimp that he's going to let himself be pimped once again by Wolfowitz, Perle & Co. and go to war against another Arab country Israel and its American step'n'fetch-its don't like.

I'm not a liberal but a libertarian, staunchy patriotic and very right-wing by most standards. I don't see why our troops should be scattered all over the world fighting for the sake of a foreign country, and nurturing ever more hatred for America, while our southern border remains open like a gaping ulcer, allowing an unstoppable deluge of illegal aliens, drug dealers, and other criminals to go unchecked.

Take our troops back from whatever foreign New World Order adventure they're engaged in and let them do their job: PROTECTING OUR BORDERS, not fighting Israel's wars.

And oh yes, I hate Israel. I'm a full-blown Israel-hater and consider that a compliment. Any American with the slighest sense of patriotism should hate a regime which costs us $6 billion a year to maintain and gives us nothing in return except selling our military technology to China, ruin our good name worldwide, terrorize our politicians into submission to their agenda via their powerful domestic lobbies (AIPAC, ADL, ZOA, etc), and send their spies to loot our secrets to later share with the USSR (Jonathan Pollard).

I don't understand how men or women think that Coulter is attractive. Yes, she has long blonde hair but, has a face that reminds me of my knee. Most importantly what does it take for someone as unintelligent and anti-semitic as her to be disposed of by the media and the public? I am confused by what people think she has to offer. She is a pathetic public figure for the righters and a joke to liberals. I don't get it... She's a man baby.

Oh my darlings....Ann is a man...."Man Coulter"....open your eyes....her voice vibrates with the low masculine tones and her adam's apple jumps up and down furiously....also, no woman, no matter how thin she may be....has the tight, long limbs and torso that she has without being a man with a "change".....you watch....someone will find out the truth....when I first heard that voice from another room....I swore to my family that that was a voice that had been altered by estrogen.....women are incredibly smart...I'm one of them....but "Man Coulter" is ferocious in a manly way. There is no way that he/she was born female. No way in hell my friends! Dustin...you are spot on!!!

I share Vickie's perceptions, and would like
to add this: it is very curious how someone
as famous as Coulter has no history before
law school, no high school or grammar
school friends testifying to what kind
of kid "she" was. Why, it's as if she
was created suddenly at about age 25...

I think Cunt Coulter sounds like Lilith from the TV sitcom "Cheers." I suppose the only difference being that the character could actual be funny at times (well at least with humor). I saw her on "Hannity and the Colmes" the other night and she basically said that John Kerry lived of of his wife's money. "A kept man," if memory serves correctly. I think someone should put a bag over this bitch's head and beat her so fucking ugly that the Fox executives refuse to continue to fuck her, much less put her on TV so she can continue to spew her venomous bullshit.

oh god i can't stand her. i would say she is Satan but that would be insulting to Satan. The only reason she is around to torture us is that the Prince of Darkness won't have her down in hell....

i'm sorry, i should have said "can't stand him"

Could you imagine sleeping with Ann Coulter? Judas Pike! She'd bitch through the whole thing and hell, it would be like sleeping with a fucking broom!

As for her politics, Ann was simply born at the wrong time. Hitler could have used her pea-sized brain for his work!

You just gotta wonder how many corporate media mougels boned this bitch, for she certainly didn't get national attention by talent or her vastly overrated looks.

I just had an ugly thought! I wonder if Nazi Ann knows that Rush Dimbaugh, Mr.Family Values himself, is divorced for the third time?!?! Could you imagine the Hitler Youth that pair's offspring would be???????? This is based on the assumptions that A) Rush can even get it up and, B) Ann isn't a man in drag.......