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Bob Hope Dead at 100

While I never really enjoyed Bob Hope, the entertainer, I was always in awe of Bob Hope, the person. There is no doubt that he was a generous, giving man and a great American.

Peace to you, Mr. Hope and thanks for all you've done for others.


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Thanks for the memories Bob.

Goose egg at ATSDP

I had the immense pleasure of seeing him in person in 1973. Well, "seeing" is a strong word, I was in the back row and he looked really tiny. But the man was a wonder, not least for all he did for our troops wherever they were.

Rent "My Favorite Brunette" you'll laugh...promise.

Like most vets I have a Bob Hope memory and story.
It was his 1966 Viet Nam USO tour, I'd got myself dinged a little and was in an Evac Hospital. He came through the wards, signing autographs, shaking hands saying hello. He got to me, asked how I was, I said I'd be going bsck to my unit in a week or so, that getting hit was the only excuse I could think of to skip his show. He laughed and laughed.
When he got back to the States, he called my parents, told them he'd seen me and that I was fine.
I've been a little sniffy all day, thinking about what a nice guy he was.
Not many hundred year old guys die too young.

Peter, that's beautiful.