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a burning building by any other name...

Guess what book is number five (presumably with a bullet) on the Amazon France bestseller's list?

That's right - Windows on the World, the fictionalized, pornagraphic, badly written account of one man's obsession with trivializing the deaths of thousands of people.

Merde in France has another excerpt today:

8:48 AM Other possible names for the restaurant in the World Trade Center: - Windows on the Planes - Windows on the Crash - Windows on the Smoke - Broken Windows

Yesterday's excerpt was laughable for the cheesy yet disturbing dialogue.

Today's reads more like a late night comedian throwing out one-liners about 9/11, a David Letterman-esque top ten list that would draw ire instead of laughter and possibly leave the comedian running from the studio with hundreds of angry audience members holding blunt instruments trailing him.

Nevermind that the alternate names listed in that excerpt are stupid. The point is, author Beigbeder is clearly going for shock value and I imagine that he smirked in that French sort of way - maybe even sneered - when he wrote those lines, thinking he was being so clever and so daring.

I haven't been able to find a review yet, but I can review it one word with only having read the few bits and pieces translated at MiF:


Thank you, French readers, for making this book a big hit and proving that your sneering pomposity towards America is not some big myth.


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I'm surprised they had people who could buy it. After all, over 10,000 French people supposedly died from the heat wave.

Perhaps we could collaborate on a book where Frenchmen are doing the nasty while dehydrating.

We can call it, "Sweating Up The Sheets."

I'm naseous from this. Truly.

And I thought all folks of the fair complexion though the same... :)


Not a bad idea. Other possible themes/titles: "Where were you when the souffle fell?", "When French Eyes are sweating," or I humbly offer the minimalist "French Roast."

Jay and Belize: guess you didn't read this post.

To her everlasting credit, Michele has not said a word about the heat-wave deaths in France. Strangely enough, she just doesn't see the humor in dead people. Obviously you two don't have that problem.

I'd wait until I read an actual review of the book to condemn it...or heaven forfend read the actual book. I don't trust blogs like "Merde in France" or the rest because they have a definite agenda.....is it so odd to want an independent opinion before dumping all over the french?

Jay,....tsk. Good thing you save that shit for other blogs.

Guess I'll wait till I actually read the book before deciding whether or not I should dump all over it...


I suppose I should accept their garbage, saying "Well, all opinions are equally valid," and "I'm sure their statistics on heat deaths are accurate, despite their government's unparalleled history of perfidy (eg. tainted blood intentionally introduced into supply by French bureaucrats in 1980s, etc.)."

So, is this similar to profiting financially by cheapening and even reveling in the actual deaths of thousands? Not by a long shot. In the post 9/11 world, I have no time for phony moral-equivalence canards.

BTW, Merde's bona fides have been confirmed right here on this blog--see here:


Yeah, a "definite agenda" is a terrible thing to waste. Especially when all Merde is doing is QUOTING from the fringgin' book. Not trying to imply anything. Not putting words in the author's mouth.

Nothing like letting you hang yourself with your own stupidity. Done by the author and the poster....

I hope you don't mind me plugging my new book here. It's called "A Bright Day Under the Sun", and it's about the last minutes of 10,000 French people and how they cooked to death under the sun.

Granted, it may not really be what happened, but we're talking about 10,000 people far away. Who can really know what was going through their minds in the last minutes? We might as well make it up.

They'll all be portrayed as victims of an uber-government called the EU, and they realize the futility of their socialistic ways, and spend their last minutes having wild, capitalistic sex!

Yes, Chrees, I'm so stupid that I can't read the same tripe across the blogosphere about France, "Old Europe", "speaking German you cheese-eating surrender monkeys", socialism and US superiority. Merde indeed.

But then I'm sure that you read French, so you speak with authority.

Oh people, get the hell over yourselves. I was merely poking fun at the person who wrote the book, not at French people who died.

Of course, I have seen people saying, "Why don't you read the book first?" They're some of the same people who haven't yet seen 'The Passion' and are yelping about it's anti-Semitism. Heal thyselves yokels.

A good friend of my wife worked in Windows on the World. He was at work, unfortunately.

Would it be ok if I wrote a book about the unholy thrill I would get from chopping Beigbeder into little pieces, or is it only acceptable to write such a book after he's dead? I'm curious about the etiquette.

I find it curious that the characters in yesterdays excerpt didn't have names, and were only identified by their clothing or perfume.

Is this an attempt to dehumanize them? To say that they're nothing more than that which they consume?

Is the entire book that way? What an incredibly arrogant attitude, that he doesn't need to name the victims, even with fictional names, because they don't count as human.

The French revolted in 1789, and they've been revolting ever since.

Riyadh delenda est!

I wonder what kind of people buy this book and recommend it to others.

Hypothesis: For the most part, they are not farmers in Provence or workers at the Airbus plant in Toulouse.

Further Hypothesis: For the most part, they are professors, graduate students, journalists, government bureaucrats, and entertainers.

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