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message to grandma on her birthday

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Grandma would have been 90something today (I lost count after she died). I think I'll channel her spirit, let her ask me a few questions that I know she would ask if she could. Sort of a birthday present.

Yes, I gave the kids sweatshirts before they left.

Yes, I always turn the bathroom light off when I leave the room.

It is not chilly, I'll leave the windows open, thank you.

No, I don't have anything better to do than read all day long.

Yes, I will tell Jo-Anne to put a hat on that baby.

No, Lisa did not move out of my mother's house yet. Just kidding!

It's too hot for soup, thanks.

Yep, Wheel of Fortune is still on. Sure, that whore Vanna is still turning letters.

Yes, Grandma. I'm sorry we got drunk at your funeral. Yes, I'll yell at all of them for you.

Hey Grandma? I still have those meatballs you gave me a couple of days before you went into the hospital and never came back. They're in the freezer.

Hell no, I'm not cooking them.

I miss you Grandma. Happy Birthday.


She knows.

She would have been 96... I live near where she is now, and every time I pass I say Hi Gram, Hi Pops... I miss you both.

One of my favortire Millie Moments was the day my cousin (who lived upstairs) and I were going to do some drinking and I had a bottle of Absolut behind my backs. She caught only the smallest glimpse of the bottle and yelled "Hey! Where you rummies going with that vodka???"

How the hell did she know it was vodka???

I need to go and call my Mema and tell her that I love her.


Mmmmm, dumplings with soapsuds! My Favorite!

I'm calling my Gma tonight now, too.

I was so much happier thinking it was a picture of defrosting scones.

Happy Birthday Grandma! Miss you more than you can ever know!