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i hate you, kimmy gibbler!

In the October issue of FHM Magazine (I read it for the articles), you'll find the 50 Most Hated TV Characters. [via NY Post]

kimmyg.jpgSome of the author's wrath is directed at the likes of Dwayne Wayne, Harry Stone, Edna Garrett and Andy Rooney. I haven't seen the full list yet (I still have to find my disguise I use to sneak into the local deli to buy the magazine), but I do know that number one on the list is the entire Tanner family of Full House. That's all well and good, except to include just the family leaves out the person who is possibly the least-liked tv character ever, the entire world over: Kimmy Gibbler.

Now, there were many characters I hated enough to make me throw a shoe at the television or just change the channel completely: That stiff robot girl and her brother, the wife on Mr. Belvedere, Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch, the entire cast of Friends, both Will and Grace, the ever-perky chick on that other show, and on and on. Trust me, there is no shortage of hate-worthy television icons.

But Kimmy Gibbler was the epitome of sitcom characters gone awry. Brazen, annoying and nerve-wracking, she took the cliche of "quirky neighbor" to new heights. The lactose-intolerant Kimmy was a scene-chewer, often dominating the little mini-plots within the shows to such extreme that you would eventually be pleading for Joey to bust in with a well-timed Cut-It-Out!.

I think Andrea Barber, the actress that portrayed Kimmy, felt seriously threatened by those cute, darling Olsen twins. She must have known that some day those adorable girls would grow up to be two hot babes who run their own media empire and poor Andrea would be left with nothing but a future episode of Where Are They Now? or a bit role in Skateboard Kid 2.

I can't say that she doesn't deserve her fate. After all, if she didn't overact in every scene and steal the thunder from the other fine actors of Full House, if she didn't bust in the door at the wrong time, trying to make people laugh at her idiocy when we were just about to hit the poignant moment in a too-short half hour, and maybe if she didn't do such a crappy job piericing Steph's ears (which I think was intentional because everyone knows that Steph hated Kimmy and maybe Kimmy was hoping Steph would get an ugly infection and die), well maybe she would still be acting.

But what would I know? I never watched Full House. Nope, not once.


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Please tell me Urkle made that list...

Sweet jesus, that picture is priceless - her expression sums up everything about that character. Must. kill.

She actually had a guest spot, unaccredited, in an Olsen flick. Must have been a "f*&k you" from the twins. :)

Hmmmm food for thought on a Sunday LOL.

Good call on Kimmy Gibbler.
The person who has annoyed me more than anyone, though, is Ellen DeGeneres. God, I hate her!

I am ashamed to know this, but Andrea Barber is at York University in England, doing a post-grad degree in...women's studies. Her husband is also a student at York (he's American).

And I read this on Candace Cameron's official fan site. Sorry, Candace Cameron-Bure. She's married to a Russian hockey player (with the St Louis...Blues? I forget.) and they have a gaggle of very cute kids.

Again, shame. Sorry. I was curious.

I always thought Kimmy Gibler was hot. And I couldn't wait for her to grow up.

Is there something wrong with me?

I thought you watched the ABC soaps. Kendall Hart, the first time around. The guy that Erica and Janet and Opel buried in the yard. And, all Australian male characters, on gerneral principal, for being immediately sexier and hotter than all the American characters put together.

just let me know if blossom is on that list. gah! i hated blossom and that small wonder family. oh and punky brewster!

umm. there was another pair of sitcom twins I hated with the fiery passion of a thousand suns in the mid- to late-80s, but blessedly I've forgotten the name of the show. Can someone tell me I didn't hallucinate this?

The twins were identical bland, white, thin, brunette teens who looked like they'd been cloned from Jan Hooks of SNL fame. They had 80s fashion-victim wardrobes, one blandly 'wild' and the other blandly 'straight', which was appropriate since they had moved to The City to go to fashion design school. They lived with their Funky Cosmopolitan Aunt, played by the horror that is Barbara Barrie, and had an Ambiguously Gay Duo of guy friends. I think there was a classmate in the school scenes with a thick Jamaican accent.

And no, of course I never watched it. Not even when it got into reruns in that Dead Zone slot of like 4:30, too soon for the news but too late to turn the TV off :-)

Although I can say with pride that I never saw an entire episode of Cheers or Wings from start to finish. I absorbed my hatred of those shows by osmosis.

That show would be Double Trouble. As that show aired right after Princess Leia and the Golden Bikini ushered me into puberty, I remember it well as the twins were cute. Of course, at that time, I was just a raging harmone with big feet, so anything with a pair of breasts and drawing breath I considered cute.

ah yes Stryker. I also was in puberty then, but my hormones ran in the opposite direction, and the Andrew McCarthy/Matthew Broderick manques just didn't do it for me. I swear, that show was like a half-hour John Hughes movie cliche-a-thon!

The twins were identical bland, white, thin, brunette teens who looked like they'd been cloned from Jan Hooks of SNL fame.

For the record, the twins were Pamela and Liz Sagal, younger sisters of Katie Sagal of Married . .. with Children and Futurama fame.

Hmmm...Kimmy Gibbler, or Six from "Blossom?" The annoyance marathon continues...

For the record, I go with Urkel. It's the same of Chicago that our wonderful capitol had anything to do with that monstrosity of a show.

I am thinking of starting a "guys who spanked it to Kimmy Gibbler" webring. Whattaya think Ms. M?

Kimmy Gibler is our saviour. She has struggled to gain recognition because of her misrepresentation on Full House as the annoying "Kimmy Gibler".

She is a matar just like Jesus once was. Shouldn't we all worship rather than resent her.


Can't someone make an official website of Andrea Barber (aka Kimmy Gibbler) , i'll come up with all the funds!

i plane new york

does anytone remember if "the gibbler" had a one liner during her work on full house?

i remmeber she used to say "Deej" and "mr.Tt" alot, but that about all i can rememeber.

For the record, the twins were Pamela and Liz Sagal, younger sisters of Katie Sagal of Married . .. with Children and Futurama fame.

Just to set the record straight, the twins names are Jean & Liz Sagal not Pamela and Liz. There's quite a website devoted to them if your the least bit interested.


Girls are lucky because they get to wear

Did anyone vote for Guy Sebastian for World Idol by any chance? If not sms Guy on 188 99 66

The Gibbler. Few lovingly bestowed monikers kindle such a firestorm of raw-nerve emotions (and successive calls for jihad). With Gibbler, there're only two sides: that is, those who zealously rue her existence with a fervent vitriol, and those who worship at her day-glo pink altar. Friend, there's just no in-between.

And me? What do I think of her? Dear friends, she's the cat's meow, the cherry on top, and the spring in my step (in that order, quite rigidly).

Listen to reason (or her shrill, quick-paced bark): This girl's the Picasso of punch-lines. Her canvas is our collective mind, and her brush those sneakily profound witticisms.

All hail Queen Gibbler. May her soul rest in peace. She is dead, right? Wha'? Oh. Sorry.

Double Trouble comes full circle back to Full House. From http://www.geocities.com/jean_lizsagal/
"Recently, Jean directed the Olsen Twins in their own cable TV series "So Little Time" (2001)"
Those twins were totally hot back in the day.

Kimmy why dont you return my phone calls anymore, please call. I miss you







Andrea Barber got married and man is she hot now. Bob could only hope to be as lucky.

i wanna have sex with you!!!!!!!!! you are hot

Help, someone at ABC gave me an afro-mullet hair cut.

I was weird, but 3 guys living together in San Francisco wasn't?

I always thought 'Jonathan' was super annoying, from "Who's The Boss". Danny Pintauro, who to no surprise grew up to be a flaming homosexual. He was so damn whiny.