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and then they took my free lunch away and i had to kill the ice cream man and eat his flesh!

[click for bigger image. art by mark ryden. view the art of mark ryden here. You will never be the same. see this whole image here]

Well, I thought it was funny.


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Man's got a serious obsession with meat, doesn't he?

my greek is a little rusty; what's that say there on his cap?

i notice the child has a sanskrit "Om" symbol on his shirt. wonder what that means.

It is funny. =)

Mark Ryden is really damn brilliant...now if I could just understand what in the HELL most of his art is supposed to mean.

Distrubing yet beautiful.

Reminds me of the cover art for Stephen King's Desperation and The Regulators.

It seems that the letters on the cap are Russian, not Greek.

I just asked my Russian co-worker what it says:

"Flesh. As in body flesh." is his response.

Mmmm...meats of evil.

Michele, with a caption like that you're just gonna attract more of the "let them eat cake" crowd looking to coo in supportive unison. And then when they see that you actually support the concept of school lunches, the new bunch will get their panties in a wad and this thing will drag on forever, taking our focus away from important stuff like the pennant race.

We probably should have all just said, "Yeah, you're right, the kids of worthless lazy parents can't be fed with tax dollars or the parents will never learn their lesson."

Responding just encourages them...

Boy, does that bring back fond memories. I used to just LOVE playing in the street every time the Little Engine That Could (transformed into a meat wagon) went by with the Pisces skeleton Lincoln puppeteer driver at the wheel. Good times, good times. I hated those huge bees, though. They scared the shit out of me.

Lovely. The Edward Gorey of oil painting.

Michele - you're as bad as Saddam or the French.

How dare you get help from the government when something bad happens to you? The only thing the government is good for is adjudicating property disputes, handling violent criminals, and declaring war on people who are not like us.

You bastard.

[the foregoing sarcasm was brought to you by my really crappy day]

jeez, fixate on christina ricci much? not that there's anything wrong with that.

the word on his hat is pronounced "plot" which does mean flesh, but not meat, exactly. (meat is "myassa") it's more like mortal. flesh and blood.

I guess I'm just old. Escher is more my style.

Mark also did the cover for the Screaming Trees' Uncle Anesthesia - which is a great pre-Seattle-grunge CD. (before the movie Singles) The cover can be viewed here .

weird or something

LOVE YOUR WORK....................... THTAS IT :)

I LOVE HIS WORK. ................. THATS ALL!!!!