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Listen up you primitive screwheads!

This is the LAST time I am addressing the free lunch issue, and this is only so I can clear up a few misconceptions. I will not be making another post about it and I will no longer be adding to the comments on any of my previous posts on the subject. It has all gone to hell and back and it's become nothing but a name-calling contest.

1. I said from the beginning that I was not addressing the specific school lunch program John Hawkins linked to - the one in NYC where free lunch would be available to everyone who needed it but the prices for those who paid for lunch would go up. I do not think that is a good idea at all. What I was addressing was the comments in John's post, which derailed the whole subject of the specific program at hand, and John's attitude that people who used the free or reduced lunch program were either lazy or bad parents who should be getting on their knees and thanking the taxpayers - conveniently forgetting that most of the people getting the free lunches are still taxpayers. If you wonder why this ended up being about ad hominen attacks and insults, it's because it started that way at Right Wing News.

2. Many people took issue with me for getting personal in my posts. Of course I got personal - I felt that the broad attacks made on people who use the program were insults to me as well.

3. As the subject dragged on - here as well as on other blogs - the comments sunk lower and lower, from people who claimed that those who had to use the program should go to jail for child abuse, to those saying that women should keep their legs closed and they wouldn't have these problems. The subject became broader and broader and less about the lunch program and more about pointing fingers at single mothers, to one blogger who thinks that kids who use the program should call him daddy.

4. There is no point in this discussion and there will be no point at which those of us on either side can compromise or civilly agree, if we haven't done so after more than 200 comments all told. Thus, it does us no good to keep going on with this. I'm done with it and I'm sorry to the people I dragged into the fray.

5. This is all getting in the way of my hobby of trolling Indymedia so I can catch moonbats with my tin foil net. I'm going back to my zionazi roots!

Now, go make up some limericks while I make of for lost time at Indymedia and Democratic Underground.

Over and out.


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