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obviously, arnold would be he-man

[click for bigger image] From The Hill:

Which political figure looks most like Skeletor?

I'm definitely going with Maria Shriver, even though she's more of a side attraction in the political game. She really does have that gaunt Skeletor look.


I think she looks like an anorexic Lily Munster. Totally creepy.

john kerry looks like a basset hound.

Cokie Roberts IS Skeletor.
Little known fact -- she actually played Skeletor in the Off Off Broadway Production of "He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and a Pocket Full of Change"

Actually, my wife and I have been referring to her as Skeletor for several years now. Although I think she may have gained a couple ounces back...

How could they miss Tom Daschle?

We've called him Skeletor for years.

sorry, but skeletor has to be Maria Shriver. she has no face! just skull and hair.

and it fits so well, because she's married to He-Man.

I thought Kate Hepburn.

She gets that "fine bone structure" and overbite from her grandmother Rose F. Kennedy.

All the Kennedy women look like Death warmed over.

Geez, I thought it was a picture of feinstien.

I gotta go with Steve on that one. I also thought that was Feinstein.

Phleeeeeeease! Feinstein has some flesh in her face, not skin and muscles like Maria has.