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i'm livin' on the air in cincinnati

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Gordon Jump, aka "Big Guy" Carlson, aka The Maytag Man, dies at the age of 71.


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Man, just in time to miss out on the big Emmy "Those Who Kicked Off Last Year" shindig. Gordon needs a new agent. Oh wait...

I guess it's time for the "new kid" to take over.

OT, but your webpage now gives me motion sickness.

Across the country, washing machines pause for a moment of silence.

Appropriately, I first heard about this on the radio.

I'll miss the guy.

Of course, he wasn't the ORIGINAL Maytag repair man. He took over the role in 1989. He always seemed like an odd choice, since it was post-WKRP.

When I saw this posted on CNN.com I was so very sad to hear it. WKRP was one of my favourite shows when I was growing up, and I know every line in every episode.
I'll miss him....

i never thought of him as the Maytag Man, either. he'll always be Mr. Carlson to me.

and that turkey episode... a definite sitcom classic. he'll be missed.

No, it can't be. I am so sad.

I still laugh when I remember the episode when he put cocaine on his feet thinking it was foot powder, and then his feet went numb.

WKR.I.P. Gordon Jump

He had an acting school in LA, so he kept himself pretty busy, I imagine.

He was a great talent. WKRP should've lasted as long as Full House or Barney Miller. They tried to revive it during the great syndication boom of the late '80s, but without all the original cast, it only lasted a year.

We weren't allowed to watch WKRP for some reason when I was little. But then my mother also has an insane and unreasonable vendetta against the Simpsons.

You'd think she'd at least let us watch the life's work of Peter the Apostle from the Mormon temple films. (Not that I ever saw it as I never actually made it to the temple.)

He had only just retired from the Maytag man role too--see what happens when you take away the washing machine.

The good ones die and we still get stuck with Martin Sheen and Mike Farrell.