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i wish him nothing but the worst fate possible


You've brutally and systematically killed your small daughter.
You've been disbarred.
You've spent 17 years in jail for manslaughter.
And now, you are finally being released from prison. What do you do now?

If you're Joel Steinberg, you get a tv show. Steinberg will be employed by none other than Sidney Biddles Barrows - the Mayflower Madam - and her husband Darnay Hoffman. Hoffman, an attorney, was the lawyer for subway "vigilante" Bernard Goetz. Not suprisingly, one of the first features of Barrows and Hoffman's new show, New York Confidnential, will profile Goetz. Joining the cast of this show in addition to Steinberg will be ODB himself (Ol' Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang Fame), a man incarcerated so many times he uses Rikers Island as his main address, a man who has so many children he lost count - and refuses to pay child support for any of them. What a stellar cast.

So, for those who don't know, who is Joel Steinberg and why am I so infuriated that he has been handed a job as a tv reporter upon his release from prison?

He is a monster.

Joel Steinberg stole infant Lisa from her mother, who thought that Steinberg was an adoption lawyer who had found a good home for her child. Instead, Steinberg kept the baby and relegated her to a life of misery and pain.

Lisa Steinberg was six years old when she was killed by her adoptive father.

Lisa Steinberg was abused and neglected for most of her life.

Joel Steinberg's final act against his daughter was to beat her on the head with a rubber hammer.

And now, after serving not nearly enough time for his crimes, Joel Steinberg has a job on a tv show that highlights the criminals of New York.

Lisa is dead. Lisa's biological mother still grieves for her child.

And Joel Steinberg is a free man with a job.


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Hey, look at it this way: at least people will know where to find him, should they want to.

More evidence that the television industry is evil. But even this is a shock.

I don't understand why someone would go out of their way to take someone else's children just to beat them to death over a period of years. Convenience, I suppose. And I suppose it would be difficult to go to random playgrounds and beat up other people's kids -- someone might stop you.

Why is a person like this ever let out of prison? We put drug users in the pen for decades and a torturer and murderer is set free in less than 20? The hell?!

This guy should not have spent ANY time in prison. He should have been beaten to a bloody pulp the same way he beat Lisa.

Having him on TV is not only insult to injury, it's despicable. Saddest part all of this is that some people will watch the show.

That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. I remember that story and at least one true crime show did it and I cried for days at the foul cruelty.

He should be SHOT. Disgusting, just disgusting.

God! Followed by Howard Sterns new show on Showtime....Etiquette for Outlaws.

That makes me sick to my stomach.

I think ODB changed his name to Big Baby Jesus or something like that. Anyway, what a bunch of shitbirds.

Bonnie --

Howard Stern is rude, obnoxious, offensive, and unfunny. However, he is, to the best of my knowledge, not a murderer. There's no comparison.

Shitbirds? Shitbirds. Shitbirds!

I like that term: Shitbirds. I like it so much, it warrants a poem.

When something can't be expressed
With any existing words
Don't get all depressed,
Simply utter "shitbirds."

It's a word that makes you ponder
About fowl and their turds
No need now to verbally wander
Because now we have "shitbirds."

The Steinberg story was the basis of a "Law and Order" episode some years ago. As I recall, he didn't come off very well there either. If they ever do a remake of that episode, I guess Steinberg can now play himself.

OMG!!! I hate that man! I had a read a book and seen lots of articles concerning that case, and he makes me SICK!

hmmm...Saddam's plastic shredders might come in handy in this case.
I'm thinkin feet first here.

To Expound on Millipede's idea-

Plastic shredder, feet first, and burn the pile of feces that comes out of the other end of the shredder. Threaten Iran with his ashes.

Where does he live? (loading Glock...)

John, you're right. At least we know where he is. Just in case, right? I'm not saying anyone should do him harm, I'm just saying is all.

"Edstrom, who plans to syndicate the show, said 'everybody deserves a job.' He added that by the time he goes to work for them, Steinberg 'will have paid his debt to society.'"

A monster such as this one can only consider his debt paid if he pays it with his life.

That is SICK. Completely SICK. A man like that should NOT be getting his own TV show. I read the articles, since I'd never heard about it before. That is quite possibly the worst thing someone could do. He shouldn't be getting a show. He should be spending more time in jail.

On a more practical note, why is there no letter campaign against Time Warner for allowing this crap to be carried on their channel 35? The human garbage that is Steinberg is one thing, but as long as corporations are willing to sacrifice their standards of decency for a dollar, no matter what sewer it comes out of, we're going to be afflicted with outrages like this.

How in the bloody effing hell is this dispicable piece of slime even getting out without a parole hearing? I was under the impression that his next hearing was in 2004. What happened?

I took four years off to try to teach my son, who has severe autism, to talk, and now nobody will hire me because of the gap on my resume.

Obviously, I should have killed the child. Silly me.

I lived in the New York area during the time Steinberg was in the news. I can't believe he's already getting out.

I'm with Rebecca. What a loud noise we could all make at this studio, in the news, all over the place if we all get together and SHOUT about this sickening story. We need to start a campaign...

This is really vile. There can be no justification for this. Here is a ripe candidate for the slave pens of Mauritania.

There's a school of thought that suggests that when a criminal has served his or her time, we should all consider the debt to society paid. Some things aren't solved by prison time, though, no matter how long. Let me add my own feelings of disgust here.

There isn't a word for this.

You're right,Tom,there are two words:Fucked Up!

You've seen that bumper sticker: "Shoot Your Television"? Now I understand. The people who produce and promote this garbage are not normal people! Ugh! How dispicable! That poor little girl! I can still recall the picture of her sitting at her school desk with unkempt hair and that sad sad face. Joel Steinberg is alive and breathing, what is wrong with this picture?!

My only question: How the hell did he manage to serve his sentence (or that portion of it that he served) without getting shivved in the back by one of his fellow prisoners? I thought we could count on the dregs of society for at least THAT.

A suitable punishment for Mr. Steinberg:
1. Parboil him.
2. Tie him up in a burlap sack containing five or six rabid cats.
3. Poke the sack repeatedly until the cats rip him to shreds.
4. Let the cats go (even rabid cats don't deserve to spend any more time around this freak than absolutely necessary).
5. Mix his remains with shit.
6. Watch while his partner in crime ingests the remains.
7. Sleep soundly, knowing you've completed a good day's work.

Harsh? Yes. So?

Unfuckingbelieveable that's the word for it.

I'm currently 26 years old, which would mean that I was all of 10 at the time this atrocity occured. This was so horrific to me at that age that to this day I still remember that monster's name. Seeing this again 16 years later with an adult perspective and understanding makes it even worse. After having read through all of the links, all I can hope and pray for is that his parole is denied...that's right...these plans are being made, and his parole has yet to be granted. This is yet another reason why I didn't own a TV until a friend of mine gave me one so she could stop thinking I'm a freak for not having or wanting a TV...it seems to me like the freaks are the ones with the TVs that will be tuning into this shit.

PLEASE God, let his parole get denied. The 25 year max that he was sentenced to doesn't even scratch the surface of what he deserves for what he's done...not to mention the fact that he still doesn't believe that he truly did anything wrong (check out chapter 13 of the "he is a monster" link if you read nothing else in that article). I lack the ability to articulate my feelings towards those who think that IF he gets paroled in January that the 17 years he will have served would even come close to scratching the debt that he owes to society and Lisa, let alone having paid for it.

That poor child. That baby. She never stood a chance. After reading about this abomination to humanity, words fail me.

Gosh, this post and all the comments seem so, umm, judgemental.

That makes me sick. I remember being so disgusted with this man in high school I wrote a poem about the way he left her to die and how he showed no remorse. Fuck that, I can't believe he has a job like that waiting for him.


Hang him high.

Forget about Time-Warner - the people to go after are their advertisers. Any corporation that has anything to do with Time-Warner needs to be informed very publicly - that their advertising dollars are going to support a convicted child killer.

I don't want to ever hear again anyone say that California is the state that's off it's hinges.

Did anyone else see Hedda Nussbaum on Larry King a few months ago? I realize that her part in the story has the battered-woman angle to make it easier for some people to sympathize with, but given the spin during her appearance--it was all about how she'd gained perspective and moved on and settled her misgivings about not calling 911 after Lisa went into a coma--this news is hardly surprising.

I like the shredder idea, feet first. However, I believe that a SHPOS like this should have it set on the slow "somebody who Saddam is really pissed at" setting, rather than the "shred the phone book" setting. Maybe unplug it every few seconds. I'm thinking an half-inch a second, so he can enjoy his personal hell for maybe 30-45 seconds before he checks out of the Hotel Life ™.

I wonder who will come knock-knock-knockingon his door one day? One day soon, I hope.

If there is anything I can do to help the police find this bastard's mangled and abused corpse, let me know.

That's French for cheap thrills.
It's a specialty of the decadent and amoral.
The scary thing is the people who think this is a good idea because they'll get more WATCHERS.
The pros might be right.
That's the bad part

I understand your outrage, but all anyone is going to do by starting a "movement" against this is bring the program free and undeserved publicity. Don't give them the satisfaction.

Remember, early in production, "Married With Children" was a millimeter away from being axed for good - until some tight-assed housewife went on a national crusade to have it removed from the air because it offended her precious and delicate sensibilities. It's the people that hated Howard Stern, not loved him, that made him a millionaire. If this story keeps being passed around, more people will tune in just to see the circus. I think the fewer people that watch it, the better. Make the show suffer - ignore it.

What he did is despicable! I think he should have fried on the electric chair. Bastard!

I'm just disappointed in our prison lifers. There was a time where this guy would have been killed in prison for abusing a child. They got to that priest, why did they let steinberg live?

Will this scum demand, and get, police protection due to all the ill will expressed on the internet?

I've included AOL/Time Warner's address on my most recent entry at www.mansizedtarget.blogspot.com

Hang him high, Hang him low, just hang the bastard.

This is an outrage against society. The idea that this monster in human form should ever walk in free society is appalling. Parole? Unbelievale!!!! I would gladly join in any campaign against this. Everyone should do what I have already done. Go to the NYS Attorney General and NYS Parole Board websites and send them your your outraged opposition to this twisted, evil soul's parole. There is no parole for the sentence of death HE decided to impose on that poor little 6 year old baby, Lisa, the night he left her to die on a filthy bathroom floor after ANOTHER VIOLENT BEATING at his hands. The utter lack of responsibilty or remorse till this day for this crime boggles the mind. I have been trying with no luck to contact Time Warner about this issue. If anyone has that info, I'd appreciate it. A campaign boycotting all their products I would think is in order too. If people continue to apathetic about this, this beast will go free.

I read the book (what lisa knew). I cant understand how joel stienberg and hedda got away with everything that was done to lisa and the other child that was in there home i keep hoping that i see on the news that he bit the big one in jail, and not in a nice way.I also hope hedda joels girlfriend suffers for the rest of her life even through she did get away with sex crimes abuse naglect aginst lisa and mitchell,read the book what lisa knew by joyce johnson

Just think about it! The history of television in our country has "progressed" in 50 years from wholesome family entertainment and tremendous creativity, to a medium that even the FCC is an apologist for and refuses to reign in.

Now we have a convicted child abuser and murderer hosting or producing his own show---and with the blessings of Time Warner (which owns AOL).

If we sit idly by, and fail to raise our voices with a unified and loud "NO!" this will only be the beginning. Time Warner (and others) will see big profits in paying the corrupt and evil of our society to entertain and enlighten us. By even having a Joel Steinberg associated with a TV show is, in essence, glorifying child abusers and murderers. And a madam involved on the show on top of it!

With such a worldview, would it be inconceivable to imagine mass murderer and psychotic Charles Manson arranging for his own show from prison?

In a decent society, none of this would be happening. This isn't news, and it isn't art. So what is it? An attempt to further degrade our society by legitimizing criminals and calling them entertainers.

I just started researching this tonight. I remembered the song "Dear Mr.Jesus" from my childhood, and searched on a meager clue until I found it. Then I found an article about Lisa and here it is, 5 hours later, and I am on a one woman crusade.
I am apalled, shocked an outraged at this. This has not gone unnoticed by many, and I do not think it will go over as calmly as some hope.

Also enjoys the fact that he won't be hard to find.

Age 20
age 4 at the time of Lisa's death.

i am shocked and scared.....i feel negleted by our justice system...we need to fight this...this monster should never get out...i was young when this act took place but read about it tonight and feel disgusted....petitions, rallies....marches...i'm in NC but whatever it takes i am there to see this "animal" does not run free to harm again.

I am completely amazed that this kind of filth gets to walk the streets after torturing an innocent child and robbing her of her life. At the very least, a constant vigil should be kept at this beast's doorstep to ensure that he cannot slither away and do something this heinous again. Boy, if I were queen of the world...

this web site makes me want to go and get my knife and stab the hell out of every single one of you. how the fuck can you say things like that about these wonderful people? they make things right in the world, im a teenage mother and i am raising my 9 month old daughter in charlie mansons image completely. he IS christ and when i get him out of prison we will hunt you people down and kill you all in the worst possible way. he knows what your saying about him, his followers, and the oher murderers in the world. murderers will become the angels when helter skelter arrives. and you will be sorry that you believe what you do. i will kill you all...

Somewhere along the lines we started confusing legality with morality, and morality with appropriate behavior.

Joel the Murderer has legally paid, I guess. This tells us that:
1. Our justice system metes out punishment in bizarre proportions.
2. Our justice system would rather risk another heinous crime upon an innocent than punish the guilty too much.
3. Things that you think could never be allowed, will be. The system is not based on our desires in its daily workings.
That Joel has "paid" society a legal debt does not tell us anything about whether or not Joel has been morally rehabilitated. Are we supposed to believe he gained a moral sense while in prison? The legal system is not set up to judge such things. It should not be, because a frozen system can't. But we damned well better be able to so as individuals.
These TV ghouls are either as sociopathic as Joel, or they have led themselves to believe that if it's legal, it's morally OK. I think we would be surprised to hear how many people cannot spot the fallacy in that reasoning. The young today are taught that no one should ever be prevented from doing anything that is legal, because if it is not illegal, it's a right. If they get a little of the "ick" factor when they confront the implications of this reasoning they are taught to question the prejudice that led them to the "ick" feeling. Scary thing, but wide spread.

ditto dennymack
We complain that prisoners are incarcerated beyond the point of their rehabilitation; but what about when they are released, and have yet to be rehabilitated?

Crimes indicative of severe psychopathology, such as murder combined with dismemberment, child rape / murder, and child molestation, should add to their sentencing a requirement for continuing regular psychiatric assessment to ensure (or attempt to insure) that similar crimes will not be committed once the prisoner is released - regardless of the length of the sentence.

Hit him where it hurts, in the wallet. Boycott anyone who advertises their products during that show's timeslot. He'll be off the air in no time.

I will never forget the pictures oh hedda as she was taken from the apartment in handcuffs she was such a mess and what he was unthinkable and they let this pigbastard out.

I was shocked when I read that this bastard is being let out of jail! It takes a really insensitive s.o.b. to leave jail in a limo with seemingly not a shred of remorse for what he did!! I just makes my blood boil to think about this man serving his time and now just going on with his life as though nothing happened. As though there is not a dead little girl brutally beaten to death by his hands in a grave somewhere!

I was 18 when this happened and I remember crying as I read about what happened to this beautiful little girl at the hands of her "adoptive father". Now, as the mother of two beautiful children, it saddens me that much more to think about what happened to Lisa and her adopted brother. No punishment in this world is good enough for Joel Steinberg! My one comfort is that his judgement day will come and I hope when that time comes he feels 1000 times the pain he inflicted on that poor innocent child!

pathetic as it is if he were not who he is racially speaking he'd have been crucified.imagine a blackman doing that...we get that much time for selling drugs.

pathetic as it is if he were not who he is racially speaking he'd have been crucified.imagine a blackman doing that...we get that much time for selling drugs.

pathetic as it is if he were not who he is racially speaking he'd have been crucified.imagine a blackman doing that...we get that much time for selling drugs.

pathetic as it is if he were not who he is racially speaking he'd have been crucified.imagine a blackman doing that...we get that much time for selling drugs.

pathetic as it is if he were not who he is racially speaking he'd have been crucified.imagine a blackman doing that...we get that much time for selling drugs.

pathetic as it is if he were not who he is racially speaking he'd have been crucified.imagine a blackman doing that...we get that much time for selling drugs.

pathetic as it is if he were not who he is racially speaking he'd have been crucified.imagine a blackman doing that...we get that much time for selling drugs.

He should have been beaten to death 17 years ago. Instead, we let him out of prison and give him a T.V. show. He took Lisa's life, why should he have one? Everyone wonders why people beat and kill their children, maybe if they actually were punished, less people would do it. I am a mother of 7 and there is no crime worse than that imposed on an innocent child.