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latuff strikes again

Latuff says: In the tradition of the Soviet agit-prop posters, I made this copyright-free artwork which you may use for graphic and other applications. Illustration supports brave Iraqi resistance and their struggle against U.S. occupation.

Yes, how brave those fighters are, planting bombs and taking lives while the people they are killing are trying to bring about freedom and peace. How noble, how brave one must be to pay homage to his former dictator/tyrant/leader by murdering those that deposed him. Call them resistance fighters, because it sounds so much braver than murderer or terrorist.

Come on, Iraqi people, cheer on these brave fighters at they systematically shoot down your hope and dreams of freedom. Applaud them as they try to bring Iraq back to the way it was under Saddam. Whistle and hoot and holler as they kill soldiers who are trying to protect you.

And to all you Americans who encourage Latuff and his art, who praise and admire him, raise your hands. Raise your hands now and show us who you are, so we can recognize those who chant for the death of our soldiers, who crave homicide bombings in Baghdad, who want to see failure on every level so you can point to your protest placards and say you were right.

How many of you admire Latuff and all of his work? How many of you think like him, act like him, yet are different from him because you are Americans and he is not. Does that make a difference? In some ways, yes. By taking this poster to heart, by standing shoulder to shoulder with this Brazilian bastard, you wish death upon your neighbors, the sons and daughters of your neighbors, maybe even your relatives. While you stand in the street and shout obscenities at police and smash windows and plead for the troops to leave Iraq, just leave them in a lurch, men and women from your neighborhood are over there, fighting and saving and rebuilding.

Have any of you asked the Iraqi people what they want? And I don't mean the resistance fighters you worship. I mean the regular people; the mother, the teacher, the child, the father? Have you asked those who no longer live in fear what they want? Do you feel at all that there is something wrong when you are in the streets laughing at our soldiers being killed while the Iraqi people - those without bombs strapped to their bodies - embrace those same soldiers?

But of course, you are the same people who praise Palestinian "freedom fighters" and cheer those who protect the homes of terrorists. What can one really expect from someone like that?

Bravery is something you will never know. Not you, Latuff. Not any of you who follow him, not any of you who cheer the American body count in Iraq. You are cowards, you are despicable.

[You say you want to help the Iraqi people, that you feel for them, that even though you are anti-war you still want the best for the citizens of Iraq? Then put your money where your mouth is: Operation Give]


Excellent post Michele. I'm not very familiar with this Latuff person, but, obviously, he hates America. The anti-America virus has spread throughout Central and South America and will continue to spread as long as there are Lula's and Chavez's and Castro's in the region.

It will continue to spread as long as we have (insert coveted thing du jour here) and they do not.

Fuck 'em.

Last year, Latuff was briefly followed around by a satirist, Lapeace.

Ah, yes, the tradition of Soviet agitprop. Can I look forward to Latuff cranking out more "traditional" agitprop posters, with ringing slogans like "Smash the Kulaks!", "The rightist wreckers must be exposed!", and "Starving? It's the capitalists' fault!"

It's a sparkling irony that Latuff implicitly identifies the Iraqi Saddamites with the doctrine and practice that produced the two worst mass-murderers of the twentieth century.

oh yeah, the soviets were great weren't they? I guess that's why they are.. uh.. not in power anymore.

A lovely, simplistic view of the American invasion of Iraq, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Obviously, there are no shades of grey there.

Definitely a bowlfloater. Honey...get the plunger for me...



blub blub blub

fuck you you imperialist swine. Saddamites? What are you fucking stupid? The resistance is anti-opresssion, in other words anti-imperialist and thus anti-saddam who was put into power with the help of the CIA. The Iraqi Resistance will reign in the blood of their imperialist pig occupiers!!!! LONG LIVE THE IRAQI RESISTANCE!!! SMASH IMPERIALISM!!!! FUCK BUSH AND SADDAM!! EXECUTE PAUL BREMER!!!!! LONG LIVE THE GLORIOUS ATTACK ON THE UN BUILDING!!! LONG LIVE ALL ANTI-IMPERIALIST ATTACK ON THE OCCUPYING IMPERIALIST SWINE THAT IS THE USA/UK/ISRAEL AND ANY OTHER IMPERIALIST POWER!!!!

Long Life to the Iraqi Resistance! Iraq's Liberation from an imperialist, dictator supporting, civilian slaughtering, torturing and havoc spreading occupier is imminent!