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kill bill: review

The only thing that first came to mind when the movie ended was: Holy Shit.

Kill Bill is, without a doubt and without any hyperbole at all, the most brilliant piece of film making I have ever seen. Tarantino is a genius, a savior, a god among directors.

The plot doesn't matter, so I won't even tell you about it. The acting is secondary, so I won't even get into that except to say that Uma Thurman was born to play this part.

Kill Bill defies genre. It's everything. It's everywhere. It's the whole damn history of directing in one fell swoop. If anyone else had attempted to cram so many styles into one movie, it would be a failure of the grandest kind. But Tarantino works magic with this film, layering the pieces and fitting them into a sequence that works even though by all rights it shouldn't.

It's Pulp Fiction and Dead Alive and 70's action and serious anime and every samurai movie you've ever seen. It's lightning fast and film noir slow. It's ballet with swords and gang fights set to Stomp.

It's the bloodiest thing you will see this side of horror movies. The blood is not just a display of cuts and death; it's an actor with a part. It's over-the-top and spurts like a water fountain at every turn and you find yourself stunned by the beauty and magic of all that gore. There's flying limbs and exposed brains and and a dangerously beautiful teenager who would cut off your arms just to watch you bleed to death.

Never have I witnessed such sheer amounts of death and grinned all the way through it. It wasn't a grin of blood lust, it was the smile that comes with watching a job well done, a job completed to perfection by the true main stars of this film, the faces that are never seen; Tarantino, editor Sally Menke, and RZA, who scored all the original music.

If I had to sum this movie up in two words they would be, simply: Holy. Shit.

2004 can't get here fast enough.

Kill Bill website.

[attention: there was a comment with a spoiler in here. I edited it. Next person that does that will get a serious taste of my rage]


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I think this review just answered my e-mail to you. Think I'm gonna have to wait for the DVD now...dammit...

I am so happy you enjoyed it,grasshopper.The hangiest cliffer ending ever.

i heard it was the bloodiest thing
well the bloodiest thing
you know this is showing off your
so im guessing i should not eat
before i go them

Great. Now I've got to find the time to see Kill Bill AND Bubba Ho-Tep.

Oh Goddess of All That Is, could you please answer a poor Michele-worshipping Geek's prayers and add a few more hours to each day so that I might get more done?

Conversely, you could just stop time and let me have a few months to do everything I want to do without interference.

Either works for me.

Wiggle your big toe.

Loved Kill Bill, and yes, I had that silly grin too. The whole audience was reacting throughout the film, and it was great. A laugh here, and winces of sympathetic pain there. Awesome.

And yes, go see Bubba Ho-Tep. Saw it last year at the Toronto Film Festival, and it was great. Was even lucky enough to pester Bruce Campbell for an autograph and pics.
Also a brilliant film because it is unlike anything else you'll see in the theatres. Nice to step away from the average film once in a while and be reminded this is an art form.

Sounds like it was filmed at Wrigley Field this evening.

Are you sure you weren't watching the NLCS?

The anime was quite good too. I have been waiting for this film forever and it did not disappoint.

Quentin lives!

And I can't get that school girl killer out of my head.

Hmmm. I just saw it.

It was well made.

But it was also sick as anything. That whole thing with Buck, well, ick.

I dunno where I come down on it.

Cant agree with the genius description. I thought Quarantino did a good job. Still, the whole thing left me feeling...er...hollow...like i might feel if someone had taken a samurai sword and carved my insides out....

[this comment has been edited by the editor because mr. helpful put a spoiler in here. bad mr. helpful]

i did like how they handled it at the end...and i will go see the finale.

I don't know about all that. I will have to see it again to get a true read on it, as I went with my wife and could physically feel her discomfort about half way through. I offered to leave if she wanted.

Needless to say, anyone that isn't a fan of blood geysers will be disgusted. And she was. The thought that popped into my mind, though, was it was less genius and brilliance than it was gimmick. And if you can look past the gore, as you say, the acting and the plot were ordinary.

The music was great, I'll give him that. Like I said, I will have to see it again to be sure, but I put reservoir dogs and pulp fiction WAY before this one. I see Tarantino as a guy that can make ordinary life, ordinary dialogue seem interesting. And in this, there was almost none of that. There was one scene that I thought was classic Tarantino.

Amen, Michele. Amen.

So you liked it?? ;0)

I still dunno what I think - the review on NRO ended with how I feel:

Now, Tarantino is to be credited with forcing on his viewers a cognitive awareness of his film's liturgy of blood. The question is whether the surface irony is sufficient to justify the willing suspension of moral judgment, not moral judgments about the film's hypothetical causal effects on the behavior of already deranged adolescents but the indispensably moral element we bring to any work of art. The options in this case seem fairly clear. We can, as most critics have, simply enjoy the ride and fawn about Tarantino's remarkable skills at working an audience or we can watch with increasing revulsion and a mounting sense of anger at the direction of "great" filmmaking in our time.

Thanks Mr. Helpful, now i dont have to see the movie

This is why I won't go see Kill Bill.

That, and I have no money. But mostly that.

Tarantino has yet to really impress me.

"The blood is not just a display of cuts and death; it's an actor with a part. It's over-the-top and spurts like a water fountain at every turn and you find yourself stunned by the beauty and magic of all that gore. There's flying limbs and exposed brains and and a dangerously beautiful teenager who would cut off your arms just to watch you bleed to death."

Wow. What a paragraph. Are you related to Joe Bob Briggs?

It's not the best movie ever, but it's definitely the best Anime ever. The reason I love Tarantino is he takes genres we all ("all" is overstating, I'm sure) and interprets them in an interesting way. Kill Bill is the best possible version of Anime. Pulp Fiction is one of the best west coast crime movies ever. The blood's a recreation of the animated spurting in every Anime you've ever watched. Q probably killed fewer people in Bill than they did in Blood and in less gruesome, but because it's live action, it has a different effect. If you don't like Asian action flicks or anime, you're not going to like Kill Bill. Don't go see it.

The scene where O Ren and her gang walk into the House of Blue Leaves was the ultimate in bad-assedness.

Also, using a leftover minature set from a recent Godzilla film for the shots of Japan was a nice touch.

Scorcese's violence disturbs me because it is realistic and horrific. Tarantino's violence is cartoon like.
One interesting note. Most of the violence in his other film's took place off camera. You never saw the ear get cut in Reservoir Dogs. In Pulp Fiction you saw the guns aim, then you saw the blood hit the wall.

Good clean carnographic fun! QT may swipe everything he's got from other folks, but he steals the good stuff.

Lucy Lui was very good and the Kitchen scene is a classic.

uh...ack..sorry...i lost my head...i was so busy being self congratulatory i kinda forgot there might be five or six people who hadnt seen the movie yet...

hummmm.. i guess i am one of thoese five...gotta go and see the flick

I haven't seen it, but, if, as you say, the plot doesn't matter, what difference do spoilers make?

I mean, the plot kinda has to matter, if spoilers can spoil it, right?

Did you really think it was better than Kurasawa's "Ran"?

Is this a good movie for kids?

Absolutely amazing stuff. Couldn't find much to criticise; in fact I went in with very high expectations and they were met - and then some. And this on top of the fact that I saw it in Japan and therefore the Japanese dialogue was not subtitled, so in effect there were parts I couldn't completely follow. But it's not really about the plot, anyway - it's in the execution (so to speak) where the film blew me away.
It was helped by the fact that before the film they trailed Bad Boys 2 Bad, which represents the polar opposite of Tarantino - formulaic, special-effects laden garbage which gives the medium of film a bad name. It was really like a stone covered with mud followed by a perfect diamond.

All you people out there who tend to believe all the horrible reviews on this movie, should really just go see if for yourself and make your own damn interpretations...Taratino is a movie guy, he likes movies! He does what he wants in his movies and if you don't like it then don't watch it..thats his attitude towards film making. And through this attitude you get movies that are totally unique and entertaining because his own unique personality comes out during many scenes. I loved this movie and had high hopes for it and those were blown away when I saw it! I saw it on opening night and it was unbelievable how the movie captivated everyone in the threatre. You'd hear laughs, gasps, and even see people do "double takes" like "WTF just happend?! WOW!" Anyway my 2 cents of the film!

hi, at first I have to apologize for my bad english, I'm from austria, probably I am not gonna be able to say exactly what I want to, but I'll try to do my best...well, I am searching for Kill BIll reviews cause I want to write a little essay on Quentin Tarantino. I've just read yours, and I'm absolutely not convinced, in my opinion Quentin Tarantino is probably the opposite of a genius (to put it in a nice way) and Kill Bill is one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen. When I went to the cinema I expected a movie with style, a movie you really can enjoy(even being brutal and stuff..) I expected to like the movie. But there wasn't anything new in the movie, neither was it the bloodiest movie ever (like everybody had told me), I do not think this is a mix of all kind of genres but a copy with no style of high quality japanese gangster and kung fu movies!! maybe you want to write back, and try to explain me your point of view in a more explicit way!! thx anyway