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the return ho ho holy shit!

One last thing before I head out the door:

Some of you may remember Ho Ho Holy Shit! from last year. It was a blog by Santa, Hannukah Harry and the large cast of characters that make up Santa's World. It was tasteless, crude, rude and very, very popular. Unfortunately, I deleted the blog a while ago (and archive.org seems to be missing), but I'm sure if you ask around, you will find someone who can tell you enough about it. There were about 20 participants last year, including Laurence and Solly.

Anyhow, we have decided to resurrect the blog this year. If anyone wants to play along, please let me know (you can be whatever character you can dream up). I'll be setting it up during the week and we'll get started right after Thanksgiving. There are no posting obligations. You just post whenever the spirit or the ugly mood strikes you.

Ok, see you all later tonight.


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Psst! I know I called you old and you never visit me anymore (hmm, maybe there's the problem), but get the link right, would ya? Sheesh! There goes that promising blog career down the terlet...

Count Baby Jesus in again for this year!

Always back up your data even if you think you don't need to like you have a fail safe, never crashing computer. As I found out sadly, thou mind didn't crash, it got stolen. And that sounds like something worth saving. Save it this year.

Ya can bet yer riblets-eatin', Shasta guzzlin' mother fuckin' ASS I'll be there, toots! With fuckin' bells on!

Where's my goddamn beer?!

I in, although will have to figure out what costume to wear, but Kang says he will play the part of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Kangaroo.

Can I play too?

I wanna be "Dr Monica More-Oxy"

...Banished to the North Pole after being caught playing the meat whistle on her Department Chairman in the linen closet at DC Memorial Medical Center, Dr Oxy now runs the clinic at Santa Inc. dispensing Prozac and treating STD's...

I wanna play!
Ever wonder what elves do in their off hours? Some go home to the little missus (bad pun intended), some go play hockey, and some go find Jinglebling, da elf who can hook a lil' brutha up wit whatever he needs (for the right price, yo).

I'll do Hanukkah Harry, the embittered transplanted New Yorker who watches the Miami Dolphins collapse every year... :)

Did that little shit Rudolph try to swing a gig without me? We're a package deal, babe, and I have to have four dozen Duracell AA batteries, a jar of vaseline and a case of Absolut Raspberry vodka in my trailer at 8am sharp every day.

Clarice, sweetie, babe...without you, I'm nothing.

(Note to self: Tear up that restraining order. What the hell was I thinking!)

You were thinking about Gretchen's tits, you man-whore.
I knew that putting all of our property under my name would bring us closer together, snookums.

Count me in. What's Christmas without the Grinch? And not the smarmy beast cutting singing Grinch either. I'm talking tight shoes and a heart two sizes too small here.

Do you have any, um, compensatory organs to balance out that heart, Grinchy?

heh, this sounds like fun. Count me in. :)

I would so love to participate. If there's anyone who's going to be embittered at an overcommercialised holiday, it's going to be the essences of the other holidays...am I right? Christmas, chanukah, kwanzaa...but does anyone celebrate the solstice outside of a few estrangiatos who take the 'skyclad' suggestion far too seriously? People - if you're in the northern hemisphere, and holding a High Sabbat for Yule, why in the name of Hecate's left buttcheeck are you bothering with the skyclad business? Talk about 'things that really should be kept wrapped'..!

I'll take the demanding and spoiled child route. Okay, Santa, sit down and shut up! I've got pictures of you doing it to Dr Monica and I don't wanna hear any lip about "Naughty or Nice!"

Indeed, Clarice. My liver grew three sizes today. Though that could be hepatitis...

I'l be David, the misplaced jew with his trusty slingshot.

Clarice, I'll forgive you that snarky tits comment, just cuz you're so sharp on the financial matters (Way to score on the pre-nup, babe!).

AND because I'm filling my sweater very nicely today - thanks for noticing, Rudy. wink

Debt is the worst poverty...