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Time To Get Ill

I finally heard the new Beastie Boys song, Ch-check it Out. The music is tight and the lyrics are reminiscent of the Rock the Mic days but, damn. Time catches up with all of us, I guess. Listening to middle aged white men rap is sort of like watching a 70 year old clown tell fart jokes to a room full of kindergarteners. I'm not finishing that metaphor. I think you can figure it out. Take note that the song made it's world debut on this week's episode of The O.C. There's a joke in there somewhere. Now, doesn't Tibet still need freeing?


I hate the Beastie Boys. They were good when they came out, then they became a bunch of posturing art-school douchebags. Lefties, too.

Over on Alarming News is a link to Rick Rubin produced Jay Z song which features the oldschool beastie boys Licensed to Ill sound. In fact, the guitar chord that's the center of the song sounds a lot like a muddier, deeper version of the opening guitar chord on Fight For Your Right.

Jay-Z rules, yo.

And I say that with the utmost sincerety.