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That Crazy Kerry Campaign

[Note: the guest blogger has been gone for some time now. I've been back ever since those (WR) letters stopped appearing in the titles.] Meeting at Kerry Campaign headquarters: Hmmm...how can we make this torture thing work for us? Well, we can always politicize it. Yea! We can send out emails saying how concerned Kerry is about the scandal and then we can ask for cash! Wow, is this country great, or what? Man, Kerry stepped in shit in this one. Who knew that rape and torture of prisoners could be a virtual campaign gold mine?


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I love the caught in the lie part of that article.

Do you see anything wrong with mixing fundraising and the prison abuse issue in your recent email?

No, what? There was no request for money in that email.

No, we're serious here. Here's the email. See?

Oh... okay... Kerry for President!

If I didn't already know it was completely impossible, I'd have to wonder if Kerry hired Bob Dole's 96 staff.

Wow. Talk about stupid.

Recall the meme of the America Left ... "beware the industrial-military complex"? Well, witness the DNC-'mainstream'media complex. This story will not get play on CNNCBSNBCABCGOODMORNINGAMERICA60MIN et al. They are more interested in getting a "D" in the White House than they are in doing their jobs.

I have no problem with members of the media being partisan, I just effing tired of them arroganting maintaining they are "objective."

I knew conservatives were dillusional, but damn you people amaze me. CBS is geared toward the left I will give you that. But if you think for one minute that Fox, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC and CNN are "liberal" media you may need your head checked. The only place the left gets a fair shake is in print, but TV media spins everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING,for this sorry excuse for leadership we have in this country. If we wouldn't have invaded a sovern nation in the name of Halliburton we wouldn't have to see "shocking" pictures of prisoners being mistreated. Think about this....when Clinton lied, not one person lost their life. Chimpy lied about WMD and now over 700 soldiers have lost their life and we still don't have Osama. Remember him...he's the guy responsible for 9/11. Not Iraqis.

Nice recitation of the Left Talking Points. Very practiced.

Not for nothing, but the original post had nothing to do with liberal media.

You're a New Kids on the Block fan, aren't you, Mr. Jefferson?

Caught a live one, straight from the DU. Sweet :)


STRATEGY #1: Learn of naughty pictures ... Give disingenuous & understated press release (e.g. describe Iraqis as “partially clothed” but don’t say only clothing is hood over head).
RESULT: So called liberal media snoozes ... then ... Oh shit! CBS got pictures.

STRATEGY #2: Play unpatriotic card against CBS.
RESULT: Works for two weeks then ... Oh shit, others in media apparently have pictures too! CBS no longer curtailed.

STRATEGY #3: Run Bush out to nip in bud blaming a few bad apple reservists.
RESULT: Oh shit!!! Hersch has got the Taguba report detailing systemic problems.

STRATEGY #4: Go on our Faux Arab TV and on one real Arab network ... limit of 10 minutes.
RESULT: Oh shit, they noticed Bush didn’t apologize.

STRATEGY #5: Make belated apology and invoke Sgt. Schultz defense: “I know nothing!!!”
RESULT: Rummy & Myers like idea so much they go off script and use it for themselves resulting in a collective “WTF?”

STRATEGY #6: Send Rummy to Congress to accept accountability.
RESULT: Though no one knows what he’s accountable for, the righties in the media come to the rescue with the “We sure love Rummy” line, then ... oh shit!!! “U.S. military officials told NBC News that the unreleased images showed U.S. soldiers severely beating an Iraqi prisoner nearly to death, having sex with a female Iraqi female prisoner and ‘acting inappropriately with a dead body.’ The officials said there was also a videotape, apparently shot by U.S. personnel, showing Iraqi guards raping young boys.”

STRATEGY #7: Blame Kerry!!!
RESULT: Washington Times gives the talking points and right wing rubes lap it up purring all the while: “Georgie play me no politics ... only that bad, bad man Kewee. Georgie, he makee me tummy all bettah!!”

Hmm, in the last line of that linked article, Kerry said:

"When I am president, I will demand accountability from those who serve, and I will take responsibility for their actions,"

By calling for Rumsfeld's resignation, it appears we have his definition of responsibility and accountability; does this mean that if Kerry were President, he would be voluntarily resigning over this scandal?

'Um, but Senator Kerry, didn't you vote for this war? Aren't you complicit in this scandal just the same?'