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Mike Patton 101

Actually, this would be 102, as we've had our first lessons already. See here, here and here and probably a million other times. The purpose of this is to introduce you the many musical stylings of Mike Patton. And also to fill some space on a Friday night. First, take a look at that picture. Look at that face. Ah, I would give anything to.... I want to... Err.. Nevermind. No need to know that. Let's listen to his music instead. Then, if anyone is actually around on such a beautiful Friday evening and you actually download and listen to the music, we can discuss it, if you would like to do such a thing. Yes, we can discuss the versatality of Patton's voice, his soothing tones, his guttural screams, his passionate moans, his lyrical genius, his musical genius..and then we can discuss his face, if you still want to. Here, for you to study, are three Mike Patton samplings, from three different eras/bands. 1. Download: Faith No More - Midlife Crisis It's not my absolute favorite FNM song, but somehow jumping right into Crack Hitler didn't seem right. With lyrics like Your menstruating heart, it ain't bleedin' enough for two and liberal use of Patton's clenched teeth hissing and growling, Midlife Crisis is a great starting point for the uninitiated. It's got this raw anger that comes only with age; a bitterness that leaves a taste like Greek olives in your mouth and a certainty that yea, you're getting old but at least you're bound to beat the shit out of someone before you're too tired to do it. Ok, maybe that's just me. 2. Download: Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo. Taken from the pure work of art known as California, Retrovertigo is, in my mind, one of the greatest songs ever recorded. It's slow, it's moody, it pulls at your gut and sucks you in and never lets you out. Patton's voice is at its finest here. He's all smooth and low one minute and powerful the next and in between there's about a billion emotions. Here, you can also get a great lesson in how to compose a tune that will forever be etched in someone's head. You'll be watching the news one day and suddenly these words will pop into your head: Now I'm finding truth is a ruin Nauseous end that nobody is pursuing Staring into glassy eyes Mesmerized There's a vintage thirst returning But I'm sheltered by my channel-surfing Every famine virtual Retrovertigo And Mike Patton will be singing them. And you will thank me. 3. Download: Lovage - Anger Management Here we have a selection from another Patton band, Lovage. Guys and gals, if you were ever looking for music to make love to, Lovage is it. In fact, this album is called Music To Make Love To Your Old Woman Lady By . It was produced by Dan the Automator and features the incredibly sexy voice of Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields) as well as appearances by Kid Koala, Damon Albarn of Blur and Prince Paul. Listening to Music to Make Love is to put yourself in a red velvet bedroom with mirrors on the ceiling. It's sitting in a smoky barroom watching the female lounge singer lick her lips and run her hands down her sides. It's red lipstick and black garters and cigar smoke and maybe even a few dollars on the nightstand in the morning. my inner demons compel me to be here your cheeks are flush like rose petals you're consumed with rage but i'm consumed with you our eyes intertwine through the haze intoxicated by your bloodshot stare in all of my dreams i never thought i'd see a face that could launch a thousand ships Swoon with me, baby. Just swoon. Download and discuss at will.


Thanks for that! I love it when you get turned on to great tunes. For real! This was my first time hearing 'Retrovertigo' and I totally dig it! Thanks again, that is like the coolest thing to do for someone.

What is it? Mike Patton is it!

My favorite memory from a FNM concert: Mike swigging down a whole gallon of milk - does the body good! - before spitting it out on the mosh pit.

Is Mike Patton tap chugging?
That's the hard way, without a valve.

Patton is the whole deal. The presence, the mo, the bugging eyes, the liplicking, and then the voice comes through...

C'mon Michele. It's Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By. "Old Woman" just sounds weird.

But that's one of my favorite albums. Their cover of Sex (I'm a) is delightfully creepy.

Oh, and big ups for posting Anger Management. My fave.

That was a really bizarre fruedian slip on my part, I guess. Weird.

Thats awesome, I never heard heard the Lovage stuff! I love him, not as much as you of course.

All that is great... but I think you pick a tendence of Mike... it's almost the same thing.
Put something of Disco Volante, or Fantômas... that experimental shit is great!!! ... makin' sounds... his the greatest... I fuckin' love him!!!

does anypone know what is Mike up to these days?
is he in a band or anything?

Oh my god, if!!!?????


That's the bands, but he is always in 'million' different projects....he's freaking god!!!!!!!!!!

Just a note... Retrovertigo was entirely written by Trevor Dunn... Patton does his part great though! But definitely showcases the talents of other band members eh?