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Giving Skanks

I missed this Michelle Malkin column on the pimp Wonkette and her ho, Jessica Cutler - I just came across it today, hence the late blogging of it. In the column, Malkin calls Wonkette and Cutler "two vain, young, trash-mouthed skanks." Among other things. Malkin is right on so many counts in her column. You just have to go read it. But I'm wondering, when is everyone going to pile on Malkin and call her bitter and jealous for writing such horrible things about the sainted blog darling Wonkette? Oh, that just applies to me? I see. After appearing on Fox, Cutler and Wonkette went on to coo about Cutler's writing talent and future book publishing prospects. Damn straight I am bitter and jealous. While we are on the subject, certain bloggers who have been promoting this whore/pimp duo semi-religiously are no longer on my reading list. I think it's really contemptable to promote the notion that the best way for a woman to jump start her career is to bend over and stick her ass out for dirty old men. Is this what you want your daughters to think? Hell, is it what you want your sons to think? If not, don't be a party to it. As Steve said: Instead of interviewing her on TV, isn't the appropriate thing to say, "Wow, what a pig," and move on? Perhaps I should just take solace in more of Steve's words: If you think Jessica Cutler is cool now, wait until you see her five years from now. Hard-looking, possibly diseased, no longer famous, and unable to land a decent man. That's the usual trajectory for a slut with no special talents. Seen Monica Lewinsky lately? Neither has anyone else. Thank goodness I crossed "slut" off of my career choices list back in high school. [And before any of you dare leave a comment about cleavage or sexual talk, this is not about that. It's not about Wonkette's ass-fucking obsession or Cutler blogging her sexual trysts. It's about otherwise respectable media glorifying a cheap whore and her pimp to the point of making them minor celebrities.] Come to think of it, why isn't anyone calling Steve a bitter old hag? Is it me? Must be. Good. Update: Nor am I implying that Steve H. is a bitter hag. Nope. Hey, go buy his cookbook. That was not a paid advertisement.


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I was going to say something, but I've changed my mind. So just ignore this.

It's you,but that's why we love you.

Jealous of what? Malkin is successful as well as a complete knockout.

Then again, Cutler is a lot better than a poke in the eye...

Cuz everyone already knows Steve is a bitter old hag.

The man hangs out with parrots. That's just not right (unless you're a pirate).

As for Malkin, the deal is simply that both you and her were making a socially conservative point (I know it's sad that not being a cheap and attention-hungry slut is now "socially conservative," but there it is...).

Malkin's columns do that all the time. People (I think) tend to see you as more socially liberal, so they expect you to be on board with these groovy chicks' "empowerment."

At least, that's my take.

If nothing else, I find it reassuring that after a few days of relatively low-key coverage, the mainstream media grew tired of Ms. Cutler and moved on. For awhile there, I was getting a bad feeling that we'd be seeing quite a bit of Washingtonienne (and, of course, Wonkette) this summer.

I was going to make the "Steve is already a bitter, old hag" comment, but I want to keep my options open in case I'm ever in his neighborhood and need a good meal.

And I think you do have a point, Russell.

About the socially liberal thing, not about Steve being a hag.

I'll say something: those two skanks sure got a lot of attention. There are so many lessons in that, but only the bad ones seem to get learned.

There are many ways to jumpstart a career, but the easiest ways--lying, cheating, being a slut--usually have more pitfalls than promise. Your jealousy isn't a bad thing: it's anger that others have the lowered standards to do what they did and the sinking feeling that they are going to be well-rewarded.

If you can sleep well at night, you win. It's a hollow feeling victory right now, but don't let the "popular" girls get you down. You have better cleavage than them, anyway.

Amen to that.

Taking the blogosphere seriously is much more difficult when a large number of supposedly serious bloggers can get sidetracked by a couple of Washington trollops. Those two are walking definitions for the term "attention whores."

I'm with Jess--Cutler who? She'd better get her book published by tomorrow (a distinct possibility given the subject matter) or her ship will have sailed without her.

But I'm with Michele on Wonkette. After the initial deluge of gushing press, I checked out that blog once or twice. What's with the vaguely "Vogue-ish" or Mademoisellian cutesy logo? Smacks to me of the NY glossy scene, not the beltway sensible-suitland. I mean, how corporate and bereft of originality can you get? Wasn't she hired to blog (can you be HIRED to blog? what a concept). Doesn't that mean she didn't even think of the name, which is all the site has going for it? Now there are blogging IMPRESSARIOS? This isn't the "Spice Girls." Get a job Wonkette. And your Svengali figure--where's the glory here? Is a puzzlement, I admit.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of overblown--what's with the wind-tunnel lip-glossed photo of Malkin? Sure, she writes like a bleached blond harpy from FOX, but she's ASIAN, dude! Hot! Right-wing! And ASIAN! It doesn't get any better. Well, I guess it does--she's not slutty, like Cutler and Wonkette. Oh well, three out of four ain't bad, right?

Being somewhat new to the blogosphere, I added Wonkette to my LINKS section of my blog because the first few visits to her blog resulted in some humerous reading. However, after a while, the humor became repetitive (mentioning anal sex holds my attention only so long) and the reading then became tedious (for the same reasons). I removed her from my LINKS list after about, I'd say, two weeks and haven't visited since. Trust me, Michelle, you'll still be here long after she's gone. And Jessica Cutler? Why, she's gone already.

PS: You only scored 99.99. You spelled Bronx as Bronk's, which is what it used to be.

You're jealous because I can make butt sex jokes to millions of people, and you can't!

Huh huh, check it out, Jess. I said "butt sex!" Huh huh huh.

Yeah, heh heh heh, butt sex is cool! Heh heh heh!

Butt sex got me a job with Gawker! Huh huh huh.

Heh heh heh, you said butt sex again, Ana, heh heh heh.

Huh huh huh, we're pretty cool, Jess! Huh huh huh

I predict a very quick downward trajectory for Ms. Cutler's career - ending in pron movies with titles like "Senator Bender" and "Capital Hill Hijinx." On the other hand, your trajectory has been upward all the way. You are one of the top 10 blogs, started Command Post and have been in the center of the blog universe for some time.

Like the metal guy earlier today in the interview: "How old are you?" 24? That's some serious experience there! Yeah, whatever, wonkette.

What else can you say about what's basically a $2 whore and her willing accomplice?

Wait...which is which? snerk

I think you're being far too hard on Mdms. Cox and Cutler.

I think both of these women have a punchy writing style and lots of interesting things to say. I think we should all be trying to emulate their success, not condemning them for it.

By the way, I will be posting all this week with colorful balloons up my ass.

I'm hoping to get noticed by CNN.

Michele, why are you doing this?

Your better than this nonsense and I don't for a minute think you really care about these bloggers. Yeah, your better and work harder. Yeah, you've been at it longer. Yeah, you write better. But this, and them, and that other guy I really like to read but can't remember his name are just weblogs. This isn't surgery and nobody dies if you make a mistake.

Just keep doing the voodoo that you do best and we'll keep coming back. It's a big playground and Denton can't have the swings and those silly little bobbing ducks.

I can't believe people even care about this shit.

I'd just like to say that 'Ana Marie Cox' sounds like a request for sex spoken in French.

I must take issue with the following line:

wait until you see her five years from now. Hard-looking...

She's already got that "I've been in Eastern European Porn for too long" look about her...no need to wait 5 years.

I had at the two whores myself. Am I bitter and jealous because no one pays attention to my breasts and pays me to open my orifices to them?

Then again, my breasts are misshapen and hairy...*sigh* I'm going to die homeless and penniless and 20 pounds overweight and no one will ever love me unless I fuck them for money and write a blog about it.

How much you asking,Jim?

Could someone tell me if I'm better or worse for having no clue what this entry is talking about?

Better by far, Patrick. Unless you get all hot and bothered by average looking chicks who know who the HUD Secretary is.

How come no one ever calls me a bitter hag? [snuffle]

I'm not so sure either Beavis or Bumfuck know who the HUD Secretary is, Matt.

Then again, my breasts are misshapen and hairy...*sigh* I'm going to die homeless and penniless and 20 pounds overweight and no one will ever love me unless I fuck them for money and write a blog about it.

Dang, JimK just wrote a new Morrissey song...

Rather than just jump in with a pathetic 'dittos, dude' I think my contribution will be:

Dean - yer a bitter old hag, man. See ya Friday!

that article was great. thanks for pointing us to it, michele.

re: cutler. writing skills? what writing skills? i glanced at a few entries and was bored to tears. puh-lease!

i think i know where you are coming from, michele. you work your ass off & some fly-by-night bitch comes by and the media has a new darling. it won't last. your steady upward rise will have much more staying power than that.

chin up!

Bleh, Michele. Take heart -- this sort of fame is generally quite ephemeral, as Malkin says. It's sort of like a get-rich-quick scheme, I guess, perhaps get-famous-quick. Although their fame does bug me a bit too, I must admit. More self-respect all the way around would be a good thing here, I guess.

"But I'm wondering, when is everyone going to pile on Malkin and call her bitter and jealous for writing such horrible things about the sainted blog darling Wonkette?"

Actually, I've seen several blogs do so, I don't remember which ones. I was irritated at the way they attacked her for simply making an observation.

My guess is that Denton plans to replace the Pimp with the Ho. (I understand the Pimp's hubby just got a job in NYC.)

Think of it as a post-feminist career path.

As much as it pains me to agree with Malkin, I do.

However I can't leave without saying that Malkin is cut of the same cloth as Ann Coulter. Well, without as much of the boldface lying.

Good night now.

Oh bullcrap, Glenn, how 'bout some perspective, Malkin's pieces don't even come close to the vitrol of Coulter's writings. The "boldface lying" accusation is also over-the-top hyperbole (Unless you can cite some examples).

Jeez, to think I used to respect your point of view.

Again, why fight it?

I've changed my format to nothing but butt-sex, weiners, and gay-rumors and my traffic is skyrocketing.


Let me do a little bit further damage to my rep with you then.

I only need one example. "Treason." Saying that Sen. McCarthy was a true patriot and that his name has been sullied by liberals and above all that there WAS a communist conspiracy in the Gov. Complete and utter bullcocky.

Glenn, the opening of the Soviet archives proved that McCarthy was right.

He was also a blustering, bullying coward and hardly a true patriot. But his name has been sullied by liberals (even more than he did himself) and there was a communist conspiracy in the government.

The lasting damage done by McCarthy is that his self-serving crap damaged the anti-communist cause.

Hey! I'm the only one who's the Bitter Hag around here! I've branded it. So all you meme-jumpers get off my lawn! (Brandishes shotgun and jumps up and down like Granny Clampett.)