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i still wish him the worst fate possible

Joel Steinberg is free. And he has a job. What I wrote about Joel Steinberg in September 2003 lisabw.jpgI still feel the same way. Do not tell me that this monster has repaid his debt to society. The debt that comes with brutally, wililngly neglecting and killing your own child is never paid. I followed the story of the Steinbergs closely when it first hit the news stands. I was 20 years old. 21 years later, the ghost of Lisa Steinberg still haunts me. Her story stays with me always. This man should not be free. And he certainly should not be walking out of jail and into a job on a tv show. I would not shed a tear if Joel Steinberg was hit by a city bus tomorrow. In fact, I would drive into the city so I could spit on his remains. If you don't know the story, follow the links here and read it. I can't imagine anyone would agree that this creep deserves the good fortune of not only being free, but having such a career awaiting him. Update: From my post from last year (apparently some people didn't feel like clicking on the link), an explanation of Steinberg's new career:
So... You've brutally and systematically killed your small daughter. You've been disbarred. You've spent 17 years in jail for manslaughter. And now, you are finally being released from prison. What do you do now? If you're Joel Steinberg, you get a tv show. Steinberg will be employed by none other than Sidney Biddles Barrows - the Mayflower Madam - and her husband Darnay Hoffman. Hoffman, an attorney, was the lawyer for subway "vigilante" Bernard Goetz. Not suprisingly, one of the first features of Barrows and Hoffman's new show, New York Confidnential, will profile Goetz. Joining the cast of this show in addition to Steinberg will be ODB himself (Ol' Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang Fame), a man incarcerated so many times he uses Rikers Island as his main address, a man who has so many children he lost count - and refuses to pay child support for any of them. What a stellar cast.


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Maybe Bernard Goetz will finally live up to his 'vigilante' title and snuff this creep like a candle.

Wishful thinking, I guess.

Well, once again, Michele, you articulate what most of us are thinking. Wasn't he convicted of "Man 1" instead of murder like he should've been? Who the f**k would hire this guy?

Hope this story gets more press so that he can be ostracized by the greater public.

Just in time for Father's day!

Well said, lady! How could a parole board even Think about letting him out, much less actually doing the deed! Our wonderful justice system at it's finest!

Michele - what network is this show full of miscreants going to air ?

So as the discerning viewer can be sure to steer clear of it entirely.

Just goes to show that the more notorious you are (to say the least) the more in demand you are. Another example is OJ. I'd also like to know what network this show will be on so I can be sure to avoid it.

johnny ramone is dying.

I would also love to know the particulars on the network that is airing this show (and production company, etc.) I'd love to have a chat with them, or send them an e-mail or two on my thoughts on their new hire.

I am rereading Lord of the Rings and came across a word I haven't seen in years.


Great word, too little used.

Another thing that would have been totally unthinkable a few decades ago but is now accepted by society. Amazing and sad.

But maybe im being hasty. Perhaps we shouldn't judge if this is right or wrong, after all we wouldn't want to be bigoted about it. Just because society for all the time I can remember would have cried out against this as wrong doesn't mean it is. Maybe I'm not thinking progressive enough.

Putting him on a TV show is a step too far. Steinberg should be clearing minefields or something.

We complain that prisoners are incarcerated beyond the point of their rehabilitation; but what about when they are released, and have yet to be rehabilitated?

Crimes indicative of severe psychopathology, such as murder combined with dismemberment, child rape / murder, and child molestation, should add to their sentencing a requirement for continuing regular psychiatric assessment to ensure (or attempt to insure) that similar crimes will not be committed once the prisoner is released - regardless of the length of the sentence.

If I had a hammer, I'd ring it in the morning. I'd ring it in the evening. All over his ass. I'd hammer out 'Danger!' I'd hammer out a warning. I'd hammer out the love between a mother and her daughter.

All over his ass.

There is a point that all have seemed to miss here. The television show that his hiring him, The New York Confidential, is a trash TV show that hires certain persons because of their notoriety. By accepting this job, Joel Steinberg is capitalizing on his crime of murdering Lisa. If he had one shread of guilt, one ounce of remorse, he wouldn't be able to accept a job position that is hiring him for one reason and one reason only, for beating Lisa to death. It's like he's being paid for killing her, rewarded for killing her, and Joel knows this. It's not so much what is being handed to him as it is why it's being handed to him and why he's accepting it. In that light, no one can say he's paid any debt to society or paid his dues. There was no rehabilitation and never will be. His intentions are to embrace his crime and make a living from it the moment he steps out of prison.

I was living in NYC when Steinberg killed Lisa. I don't think it can ever be said that "he's paid his debt to society" until he admits what he did and shows some remorse. I would be very happy to hear that someone took a hatchet to him.

All the comments I read above make sense. So why is this monster free? Why hasn't someone or several someones given him what he deserves? Because we are civilized. Unfortunately civilization takes care of monsters like Steinberg. I feel in my heart though, that there is a special hell waiting for that thing. If he doesn't get it while he is living, he will receive it in the afterlife.

To think that this monster is out of prison turns my stomach. Where do they get the people that sit on these parole boards. What he did to that innocent little child is unthinkable and for the sane general public unforgettable. Good behavior in prison, what a joke, like he had a choice. Those guys could fight back. He likes small, meek, defenseless victims. He'll do it again, it's in his nature.

This man should be considered lucky that I am not God or anyone who runs this country.
If it were up to me...He would go through every single thing that beautiful little girl did. I may sound just as sick as him but I really think that people who do these things will NEVER understand what they've done unless they live it!

This man should be considered lucky that I am not God or anyone who runs this country.
If it were up to me...He would go through every single thing that beautiful little girl did. I may sound just as sick as him but I really think that people who do these things will NEVER understand what they've done unless they live it!

City confidential?
I will not watch it anymore!
Let them know!!!

That bastard ought to have the hell beat out of him as soon as he steps out of the prison gates! Nothing makes me sicker than to know that evil will be loose again. I have the feeling joel steinberg won't last too long in NYC. Let alone on a tv program. And what network could air a program run by a bunch of sleaze balls? Sleaze network, maybe? And have they thought about adding that skank courtney love to the ensemble cast? She's a real winner, too. Her step-father has custody of her daughter due to her trouble making and drugs. What is this world coming to? Such a sad state of affairs.

Joel Steinberg should be in prison in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. He is a sick evil bastard and deserves only pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, this latest fiasco in what is laughably called the "Justice system" comes as no surprise. A country that would sentence an innocent 18 year old scholar student to at least 15 years in prison for having CONSENSUAL sexual relations with his girlfriend - re: Marcus Dixon - would also have no problem with releasing a PROVEN child abuser and murderer before his sentence had been served.
Justice is indeed blind.

Violence sickens me, but this kind of blatant injustice sickens me even more. I don't know what I would do if I saw Steinberg on the street and in thinking about it I realize that the evil in this man actually scares me...which pisses me off even more.

If he had any sense of accountability he would just disappear. That, or put a bullet in his head. Failing that, I am willing to put aside some of my strongly felt beliefs and pray to whatever powers that be that there is a Hell and that Steinberg will be spending the rest of eternity roasting in excruciating agony.

He's had it easy for the last 17 years... and if he thinks no one will remember him, well, I've a feeling the good people (as well as the media) of New York will eagerly show him just how much they remember. Hope you got some rest, Joel...because now you've got hell to pay, you bastard.

someone will murder joel steinberg

wait for this ..it's going to happen

Yup, I wouldn't be too surprised if he met with an "unfortunate" accident.

Normally, I would prefer the guy to live a long time if only to deny him the oblivion that death would allow. However, he has obviously perfected the skill of self-denial so, yes, may he be squashed under the tires of an Eighteen Wheeler!!!

Or is it Sixteen?

I remember when this happened..it broke my heart. When I read the news today I almost choked on my coffee. This man doesn't deserve the air we breathe. He is a vicious monster..death is too good for him...prison was too good for him.I have to know in my heart that he will get his payback..he needs to suffer..he deserves the torture he inflicted on his lover and sweet little Lisa. I'm surprised he wasn't killed in prison. I wish him the worst life can offer...may he rot in hell!!!!

I just found out city confiential is an A&E...

Joel Steinberg deserves to be beaten within an inch of his life. Then he can breathe his last breath alone in a jail cell.

Why is this s.o.b being released from prison?

Keeping him on watch in his home, giving him a job and making his curfew for 9 p.m. is a joke. I wish they would have allowed him to commit suicide in prison.

What he did to Lisa is beyond disgusting: it's satanic and it's evil. May he rot in eternal hell. He is a pathetic piece of shit.

This animal should be tortured slowly till he dies. How could anyone consider letting him out of prison. Rehabilitation - bullshit

As a greatgrandmother Ihave to say,If it was any of my family he did such a horrific thing to I would be the one in prison now.He is a sick person!And his attorney has a problem.They will recieve thier just rewards in the fires of hell.What is this world coming to when a horrible person like him can benefit from such a terrible thing?

Please, please don't get it started that this creep is going to work for City Confidential (A&E). Read it again and see that the program is NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL and is on Time Warner Cable’s leased access channel in Manhattan. The rest of us don't have to worry about surfing by it.

Is there any way to mount a protest against this? Drive him out of the city? I live in California, so I don't get the cable channel, but I would like to harass the power's the be to kick this guy to the curb. Should we write to Time Warner who own's the cable channel?

This is just appalling. This man should have been executed for this crime. Same goes for the woman. They are both sad excuses for human beings.


Everyone who is not from NYC should write to Mayor Bloomberg and tell him you will not visit NYC again until Steinberg is locked up. I know I will not visit, what had become, the rotten apple, until he is locked up again.

To think that a monster such as Steinberg is walking the streets of New York is beyond anyone's imagination....he will strike again !!!!

Joel Steinberg will be living at 140 Street and Riverside Drive, in Manhattan, if anyone is interested...
I always thought it would be a gorgeous building to live in, I NEVER thought it would house a piece of shit like him!

PS: Something is VERY wrong here.

Joel Steinberg should have been tried on a murder one charge, given life without parole or the death sentence, only no the Politically Correct death sentence, by the long, enduring, painful dealth sentence he gave to his "child". Being a lawyer and avoiding all of the paperwork involved in adoption and be ok'd by a system that only wrings its hands when a "mistake" is made is not comfort to the countless victims out there.
SHAME ON US FOR REWARDING A CHILD KILLER, SHAME ON THE ONES WHO ENDORSE HIM. Lisa would have been 23, let us all think about her and ignore (and stare at) this idiot.

I am SICKENED! What's wrong with this picture? It's not horrifying enough that he beat this child unconcious, but to let her lay on the floor for hours while he is smoking crack (and Hedda should also have been held accountable} is to terrifying to contemplate. The folks on the parole board that let him out are just as bad. Why not free Manson while you're at it? I feel ashamed to be human.

Did you see Hedda talking with Matt Laurer this morning? She said she wants the world to know that she was a "good, loving, caring mother".
Yeah, so "good & caring" that she let her little girl lay on the floor for hours while Joel was gone. She can't admit any responsibility at all. Says he weighed over 200 lbs and had starved her down to less than 100 so she couldn't stand up to him. Well, he wasn't on the premises all the time.
I hope they both rot in hell.

I hope he gets what he gave those children. Too bad he wasn't murdered in prison.

I am a victim of abuse that is close to Heddas, except that my child wasnt touched by her father. My ex went to prison for seven years for his abuse. I put some of the blame on Hedda also. I know what it is like to be abused and have someone have total control of your every action. I know what it is like to be brainwashed and manipulated by an abuser. However, if my ex ever laid a hand on my child, I would use all my strength to get her help. I think Hedda was an active abuser to Lisa and I think that is why she went into hiding because she knew she should have done time also. As for that scum Steinberg...the electric chair would be too good for that piece of crap. I hope someone on the streets gives him the punishement that he deserves and the punishment our legal system didnt. God Bless Lisa and may she rest in peace.

As so many have posted I to followed what this sick animal did to Lisa and to her brother. Steinberg is a sick twisted animal who should be treated as such.. locked in a cage for the rest of his life. He is an animal who has shown total disregard for human life, a human life that had just begun. Again I share in the anger that he is free to walk, breathe and live, while Lisa cannot. This animal is a murderer and an abuser of children. The people of NYC will not forget. I see myself as a kind loving person, but I am incapable of wishing anything but the pain and torture that his 2 children endured by his hands and then some. As they were innocents and he is not. Where is the justice????

Someone will kill this man. Wait and watch. And i, for one, despite holding rather strong views about mob rule and such...applaud that person.

If the justice system isn't working, and it clearly isn't...do something that does work. It's not as though there's any question of guilt in this case. So beat him, hunt him, torment him...it's no less than he deserves. I'll give you an alibi. After all, it's not like the courts aren't already hotbeds of injustice.

Statement by Time Warner Cable of New York City

“Reports that Mr. Steinberg has been hired by Time Warner Cable are untrue. He is not an employee of our company.

“’New York Confidential’ is a program which was previously carried on Leased Access Channel 35, until several months ago. The producer of “New York Confidential”, who is unaffiliated with Time Warner, did not fulfill obligations to Time Warner and, as a result, has not been carried since March.

“We are required to set aside a certain amount of channels for lease by unaffiliated programming pursuant to federal law as well as applicable FCC regulations. “New York Confidential” was one of these programs. We have no choice but to carry this leased access programming and are prohibited, except under certain limited circumstances, from exercising any editorial control over any of such leased access programming.

“We realize that not all customers support this leased access requirement mandated by Federal Law. If you have any comments on the law, you may communicate with the FCC at 445 12th St, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20554 and with your local congress person.”