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NJ Governor Resigning Resigns

In about ten minutes, New Jersey Governor James McGreevey will announce his resignation. This, I'm not surprised about. He's courted controversy for a long time. He's faced accusations of corruption and mob ties. But the teaser I heard on the radio said he will be stepping down because he's gay, which seems rather odd to me. I guess we'll know in a few minutes. Update: Fox has a bit more, but nothing new yet. I know this is of little interest to most of you. Feel free to move on. Update 2: Ok, according to this story, there is going to be a lawsuit filed against McGreevey for sexual harrassment of one of his advisors. Which means he's not stepping down because he's gay, he's stepping down because he is in deep doo-doo, as my mother would say. Update: About his advisor:
Golan Cipel, a former McGreevey aide, was hired as his homeland security advisor following the Sept. 11th attacks -- but resigned under suspicious circumstances months later. McGreevey relied on his anti-terrorism credentials to justify hiring Cipel, a 33-year-old Israeli national, as a highly paid adviser. Cipel, an Israeli citizen, was hired by McGreevey for the $110,000-a-year security post in the governor's office, even though he was ineligible for a federal security clearance. Cipel's appointment as personal homeland security adviser to the governor created a firestorm of criticism, with Republicans a
Geez, I beat CNN by more than half an hour. And no, I didn't see this coming. I heard many rumors about him, but none that he is gay. Update the last:
N.J. governor James McGreevey says he resigning as governor of New Jersey, that he is "a gay American" at a press conference in Trenton and that he had engaged in "an affair with an adult male man." "Given the circumstances surrounding the affair and its likely impact on my family and my ability to govern, I have decided the right course of action is to resign," McGreevey said. "To facilitate a responsible transition, my resignation will be effective on Nov. 15 of this year." Gov. McGreevey will resign as early in mid-November. The mid-November timing would allow the Democrats to pick another candidate to run in 2005 primary elections
Word is Nov. 15th. One more update: It's Karl Rove's fault! [some parts edited for clarity after posting]


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Drudge broke it before Fox or CNN. Another score for MATT

I heard it on WABC radio about ten minutes before Drudge had it up.

Thanks for the info, Michele. I was just told by someone else that my governor is resigning, and I had no clue about any of the circumstances surrounding it, or even why it would make any difference, other than maybe our taxes going down or something.

I just don't pay much attention to the local stuff I guess.

Aha. Via the radio, five seconds ago: "I am a gay American." and "I engaged in an adult consentual affair with another man."


Yikes...."I'm gay and I quit". Did anyone see that first part coming?

When I first saw it, I thought it had to do with the corruption probe.... and for all we know, it may be related, in that one of the targets of the probe decided that McGreevey was going down with him...

Boy, are the tabs going to have fun with this one.

The governor's web site states "The strength of New Jersey's future depends upon the implementation of a comprehensive plan that puts our families and their security first."

Looks like he didn't put his family first.

And New Jersey, AGAIN, replaces California as the butt of all jokes.

Mark, as a Floridian I resnt the idea that California is the butt of ALL jokes. ;-)

And touching, Michele? Maybe, but come on, he's shamelessly using his coming-out to distract from being up to his eyeballs in corruption.

"And New Jersey, AGAIN, replaces California as the butt of all jokes."

Born and raised in Jersey, now residing in California...I can't win

I think he's a crappy governor but even I felt bad for him.

An affair with an adult mailman?

Maybe he just wanted to be sure we understood. That he was gay. And had an affair with a man. Who was male. As opposed to female. Very very male. Oh, and adult. An adult man who was male. And adult. And male.

The gay angle played a part, certainly. I suspect we'll know more when the lawsuit is filed. Most male politicians likely would have fought the lawsuit if it was filed by a women. But in this case he would have faced rumors of being an adulter (to which he admits), of being gay (of which he also now admits), and of sexual harassment. It would have been difficult to actually govern under those circumstances. While the first and last are worthy of consideration, the middle certainly shouldn't be.

Now he will go forward with the notion that he was forced out for being gay, and leave out all the real reasons.

He's got a lot more problems than that. All of his cronies are being indicted and it's only a matter of time before one of them rolls over on him (no pun intended)

Now we find out how he broke his leg.

Cavorting at a beach house???

Sandy - from what I understand.. that's exactly what happened when he was on vacation in Cape May.

There are several fund raising scandals, but as of yet none of them have touched him. I am not in a position to know either way, but my guess is they are not the primary reason behind his resignation. If in the coming weeks and months more information comes out about his role in these scandals, I will revise my position.

Oh, Michele!!! I know you didn't vote for him, but....

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Former Vice President Al Gore charged Thursday that President Bush's nomination of Republican Rep. Porter Goss to lead the CIA continues the president's pattern of using the Sept. 11 tragedy for political benefit.

That Karl Rove shure is a wiley critter...

Off topic...

The rock'em sock'em robot's colors should be reversed.

Just my humble opinion.

I heard that John Kerry offered to make McGreevey the Ambassador to Cambodia, should he be elected.

willow, you bet Karl Rove is a wiley critter! That's why I wear my tinfoil hat real tight all the time. I need to keep out Rove's insidious mind control rays.

Wow, I was channeling DU for a second ... Back to sanity, I suspect that part of the reason for the Governor's emphasis on his homosexuality at the news conference is to garner some sympathy and take some of the attention away from the corruption charges. That said, he does deserve some sympathy, and the serious corruption charges should be seriously investigated.

Geez, Michele, how can you stand digging through that DU sewer? I think reading the Necronomicon would be less damaging to your sanity.


I hate McGreevey, he has hiked taxes in this already overtaxed state to incredible new highs, but disguises it behind some 'tax refund' that is not nearly close to the new amounts we are all paying.

He has made special interest rewarding of contracts into a NJ tradition, flies around in choppers at taxpayers expense, etc etc....this guy has been in all kind of scandals, but we NJ voters are so damn apathetic it takes an "I'm gay/cheating on my wife/sexual harasser" before HE resigns???

We should've booted his ass last year. And BTW, NJ does have the recall law on our books. Let's say we use it!

And michele....have you ever seen him smile? I dare say no, because you would not have made that 'he's cute' comment if you had. Check it out, the guy seems like he is put together with string, hair, and a few random body parts found in the S.I. dump.

He hires his non-platonic friend for a job that he couldn't fill ,and kept him on the public payroll ...
and he is quiting because he is gay!!!
Wait until NJ has to pay for the underlings sex harassment suit
and he is quiting because he is gay???

This guy's really sleazy--more crooked than Bill Clinton's dong. Crush Kerry is reporting that there's more to the story than an affair with an adult male.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for this guy just cuz he announced "I am a gay American"... gut reaction is "WTF? What ARE you using THAT for?"

The man was married and had kids and he put his crotch first. I'm sorry I didn't get to see his wife kick his butt at the "news" conference.

The key political fact here is that although he announced his resignation he added that he would step down on 11/15 after the national elections. NJ's gubenatorial election is November 2005.
The timing may avoid an interim election or at least one that will take place this November in a hotly contested state.Anyone know for sure?

New Jersey should learn from Texas... when you've got a corrupt, lying dipshit for a governor driving the state's budget into the toilet, just convince him to run for the White House.

I know that Karl Rove is a pretty smart feller but just how did he manage to make McGreedy diddle another guy? Not that I care all that much about McGreedy but I'm afraid the lovely and gracious Linda Lou would be really angry if Karl Rove made me diddle some guy.


Last I looked, Grey "Lowbeam" Davis had been governor of CA (and the recall dashed his WH dreams).

Nice try, though.

Well I thought every Jerseyan knew McGreevey was gay. It's been hanging around him since his first wife left him and took off for Canada with his kid -- while he was still Mayor of Woodbridge.

Is'nt the Tag Line to this years Ben Aflek film " Jersey Girl" " Forget who you thought you were and accept who you are"?

My, life DOES immatate art, does'nt it?

Nice try, Laurence, but in TX, the legislature holds the cards, the gov is weak.

I remember that from the 2000 campaign, it's one reason W wasn't capable of running the country. Heard and read that more than once, it must have been true.

Then when the legislature got itself into its mess, it was W's fault.

So, until we read the TX constitution, I guess we'll never know.

Just to jump on the "whap Laurence" bandwagon, I think he meant to refer to a state just north of Texas. . .

Or maybe he was referring to Anne Richards.

As of now I think the requirements for Govenor of New Jersey are;
-don't raise taxes
-don't be a fag.

Just when Democrats were breathing easy about getting caught cheating on their spouses (i.e
every democrat from J.F.K. on)now this debacle
explodes in thier collective faces.It was just getting to the point of being PRIVATE..sigh..
p.s. to the imbecile who wrote about George,
the reason you may not be interested in him is his home life might be a bit less dramatic than members of your party??Just guessing, but please dont give us anymore of your mind...you cant spare it.